Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What's on Your Camera?

So what is on your camera? I thought I would post some of my favorite pics that are on my camera. Brace yourselves because "I am an artist."

Of course there are many, many photos of my beloved Lucky dog and Lucy cat:

They are my bestest buddies! And they are beautiful.

Below is another of my fav dogs. This is Taco. He is such a little stud. He is impregnating every Chihuahua he can here lately:

I also like to take pictures of the outdoors. This is in the Cahaba National Wildlife Refuge. Which in Alabama a Wildlife Refuge is mostly just the woods:

Believe it or not--this is a pregnant stomach me and some friends painted one afternoon. We were bored:

This is my precious Jamie--she is 14 going on 30. Pretty, pretty girl. I just love her to death. And yes, I took that photo and she looks like a model in it because - "I am an artist."

Here are some more of my friends. The girl on the right on the pregnant owns the stomach we painted. The other two in the photo are the ones who did most of the stomach artwork. Actually these people are like my family and I love them a lot.

No camera would be complete without lots of pics of my cute little Momma:

Or my baby sister:

And definitely every camera needs a pic of my niece's husband who I consider the most wonderful man my niece could have ever picked. He is the best father to the twins anyone could ask for and dont you think he is incredibly sexy?

My niece of course is next. She is something else people! I love her as if she had been my own.

And you have all met Kenzy the tiny dancer as Linda says! She is such a sweet love! Please note that her hair is pulled pack perfectly. Almost a little too tight IMO, but her mother insist on that hair being fixed at all times.

And of course my little Owen. It is rare to get a photo of him. Sometimes when I want to get a picture of him I feel like the camera man on the show Cops--chasing the suspect until he just gives up. He such a little man!

So I have bored you with a small amount of the stuff on my camera. I got tons more, but these are the ones that I love the most. Pretty good ones, huh?

That is because "I am an Artist."


Linda said...

Those are great pictures, Lynn!
Beautiful, beautiful people for sure.
And OMG you ARE an artist. Virtuoso extraordinaire!!

Lynnbug said...

LMAO!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!