Monday, June 30, 2008

Pillbug--AKA Roly Poly

Anyone ever seen one of these? When you touch it, it will roll up into a ball. Hence the name Roly Poly.

When me and my brother and sister was little we would play with these things for hours. We would torture them to death by touching them and watching for them to roll into a ball and then when they thought they were safe they would unroll themselves and start trying to walk away. That is when we would grab them and pull them apart and see who could make their guts stream out the longest. I know, its gross but we didnt have video games back then.

One day when me and my brother and sister was young we were sitting on the porch eating raisins. We had those little individual boxes with a single serving. Each of us had our own little box. We were so sweet all three of us sitting out there enjoying our raisen time.

My brother ate his kinda fast. He liked to just turn his box up and pour the raisens into his mouth. I liked to eat mine individually. I cant remember how my sister ate hers but it isnt relevant to this story cuz I wasnt messin with her that day. THAT day. I used to torture her really bad. But that day she was safe from me.

When my brother got through eating his raisins, I asked him was he done. "Yep," he said. I asked him were they good. "yep," he said again.

I smiled so sweetly at him because deep down I didnt really like my brother. I asked him was he sure all his raisins were gone. "Yep, he said. And then he asked me why I was asking him so many questions about his raisins.

"Cuz I put a roly poly in your raisin box."

True story.

PS--I got a spanking too. It was worth it.


Linda said...

That is too funny!! What a creative child you were Lynn!!

I got tons of spankings when I was a child.My mother liked to use a wooden ruler.
NOW I have to do something "right" to get one...geeze!

Lynnbug said...

I dont know what possessed me that day. But NO ONE in may family has ever forgotten I did that. Especially my brother.

Denise said...

Hahahahh too funny. I was a wicked child myself. Oh and Linda, I got your joke lol.

Lynnbug said...

The joke flew over my head until just now!! Geez--I must need sex or something. It has been so long I forgot the last time.