Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Update

Friday night I went to The Liberty Day Celebration in Columbiana with my niece and the twins. There was a band and food and lots of people. Not to mention a lot of heat. God it was hot! I hate to sweat for any reason.

This is real small town living people. I really wanted to show everyone just how small town it was but Friday night was the only night we went. I wanted pictures and everything. This event is considered huge for this little town. It is the type of town that if you werent born there you are an outsider. But that is okay with me. I aint one to make friends easily anyway.

But we still had a good time. I realized that my camerea would take videos! Yeah--I have had it a year almost and just now realized this. So, I took a video of Kenzy dancing. I didnt realized it recorded sound, so please overlook my screeching voice! It was also dark so the picture is grainy looking. Here that sweet baby is having the time of her life:

Owen was dancing with her for a minute but he couldnt take the heat so he just plopped down. And Amber had to fix her hair for about the billionth time. She fixes her hair constantly. Drives me crazy.

We were planning to go back on Saturday for the 5 minute parade they have. There was also going to be more no-name bands and more vendor food. There is also a little carnival for the kids we were going to take them to. Friday night we had to drag Owen away from it kicking and screeming. He wanted to go so bad. The really sad thing is if he had went he most likely would have been to chicken to ride anything.

But we did not go. Amber changed her mind. I was halfway to her house when she called and told me so. But I have to understand because she is reclusive like me. So I didnt go Saturday and I couldnt get a better video in the daytime. That is what I wanted to do. But this one will have to do for now.

I just cleaned house and bathed the dog the rest of the weekend. Watched Nascar Sunday and my man Tony didnt win again. He lead aver a hundred laps but got cheated by rain. They called the race and he had just pit stopped. So that put him back in the field a bit but I know he would have came back. That is just how good his car was yesterday. If I could have only been there to comfort him! Do a little somthing for him, ya know?

Nothing much else happened the rest of the weekend. Now next weekend there should be a lot to talk about. I am still so unsure of this trip. But looks like I am going. If not it would just hurt a little girl who is counting the days to see her Dad. I would be The Wicked Witch of the West if I didnt go at this point. So, I may have to take notes. There will be so much to talk about.


Linda said...

Oh, what a tiny dancer! Love it--and you are so funny "dance Kenzy","dance, Kenzy" in the background with that awesome southern drawl...
love it!

Lynnbug said...

I KNEW you would say something about my draaawwwwll! LOL

She danced like that for about 2 hours.

Denise said...

it is good to hear your voice again after all of these years. Love it.Love the video!