Thursday, August 21, 2008


I wanted something to happen to break the monotony of my life. But this is not exactly what I planned. Amber and the kids came last night and most likely I will have them again tonight.

Amber and her husband have had a terrible fight and the big D has been talked about. I really hope this does not happen. They have their problems but if they would stick it out that would be the best thing.

I love her and the children more than anything. I just dont want her to make the wrong decision. Her happiness is very important and these decisions will directly affect the children. I am not one for a lot of change at once either. I dont know what to do except support her and try to not take sides.

I have also been instructed by Amber not to mention any of this to my mother or her mother. So I am in the middle and in my family that is not a good place to be. Ultimately I could be blamed for it all. I just want to remain neutral and supportive.

Above is a video of the kids jumping on my couch last night. They were having a lot of fun. All the pillows from my couch were on the floor. Three year old can destroy a room in 5 seconds. My house is not child proof.

As I said my hope is they will work this out. Right now, Amber is caught up in the drama and doesnt appear to be ready anytime soon to work it out. And he is doing the same.

So, my life has changed for the moment very dramatically.

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Linda said...

Crap, Lynn! That really sucks for Amber and her husband. As far as you keeping it a secret, just keep it mind that it's not your place to talk about it. If anyone finds out that you "knew", gently mention that you were asked not to tell.
That video is precious! It reminds me of my own two grandkids that come over every Sunday and jump on the couch. They totally "thrash" my house at every visit, but is it fun!!!!