Thursday, August 28, 2008

My name is Lynn and I am a rabid football fan.

It is my happy time of year. It is football season! I am a huge SEC football fan. I am a rabid fan. My team is The Alabama Crimson Tide. Let's pause for a moment and pay tribute to my team.

Yes - I am one of those people who get up on Saturday and count the minutes until Bama plays. I pass the time by watcfhing other SEC games. I love Alabama and hate Auburn. In this state football is king. Everyone has a favorite team. It is true that if someone moves here from out of state one of the first questions they will be asked is who will you choose? Auburn or Alabama.

You are going to see a lot of posts about my passion of football. There will pictures and videos to help entertain you. Aren't you all just sooo excited!!

There are a few people who dont care. We football fans do not understand these people. I had a friend who planned her wedding on the day of the Alabama/Auburn game. I mean right during kick off for fuck's sake! She was upset they barely anyone showed. Oh well. She was warned.

Yes, we in the south plan our schedules around football. If you just have to work--you get a TV to watch the game while you work. But if you are smart enough, you get a job that does not interfer with Saturday game day. I have not been so lucky in the past 3 years--but this year plans to be better.

This Saturday we kick the season off playing Clemson. The game starts at 7:00 pm and I plan to go over to Amber and Ken's to watch on their big screen HD TV. Ken does not care for football. (he is one of those people that I dont understand) But he will be okay as long as he has plenty of beer. That is easy to take care of.

I have given everyone the rules:

1. Do not talk to me unless you are helping me screem at the TV.
2. Do not flip the channels - not even during a commercial.
3. Do not call me on the phone, and no you cannot use a phone while the game is on unless you go into another room. This is distracting.
4. This is for Ken: Do not ask stupid questions like what is the secondary? Or what is the difference between the field goal and extra point? What is rushing?
5. We need food and alcohol. Preferably barbeque and beer.
6. No - I will not "run to the store with you once the game starts."
7. The pregame show will be watched with as much interest as the game.
8. The same applies to post game show.

It is only 8 rules. I cant think of anything else that would upset my happy time. But I reserve the right to initiate new rules as needed.

I am also totally in love with Couch Saban. He is handsome, he demands respect from his team, he sets rules and keeps them. He believes in dedication to the game. He puts up with no bullshit. I like that.

So - let the games begin!

Roll Tide Roll

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