Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sips N Strokes Night

We had so much fun!
We got to the art gallery and got all signed in. The room was filling up fast. All women. Not a man in site except for ABC 33/40 television station had a camera man there.
The instructor was great. She gave us step by step instructions on how to paint the painting. She was really funny. Music played in the background and wine flowed like water.
You can bring whatever you want to drink but it was obvious to me that wine was the drink that all the "in" people brought. I took two single servings of Arber Mist wine. ( Amber wanted me to take Thunderbird wine. If you dont know what that is - it is about 3 bucks a bottle and extremely rank. She was kidding of course.) I figured the two little bottles would be enough. Turns out it wasnt. I will know better next time. Amber didnt have any problem asking people for "bump" of their bottle of wine.
Amber made friends very fast. She got invited to a group that was having a birthday party and her wine glass was never empty. She got food too. I couldnt believe she mingled so well. I sat in my safe zone and observed everyone. I am not the kind of person that jumps into the middle of a group. I didnt think Amber was either but she fooled me.
The television station is starting a new show that will highlight different things you can do in B'ham. Sips N Strokes is going to be featured and Amber will appear in an interview on the show. Yes - she mingled well and got filmed A LOT. I think I was in the background of her interview. I really hope not--but I think I was. She is very excited that she will be on TV. I told her not to get her hopes up that she will become a sitcom star anytime soon.
We had such a wonderful time. It was different and fun. I didnt even mind being in a crowd and I am actually looking forward to going back. The photo above is me and Amber showing off our paintings. It is called "Red Funky Tree." And funky it is.


Linda said...

Well shit, Lynn! How fun was that?
I checked to see if they have anything like that locally, and they don't. Damnit!
Those paintings are awesome. I think I like yours better than Ambers. You have more detail-I guess she was too busy mingling!!
I'm like her. I love to chat people up. I can't NOT talk to people, but I really would not allow myself to be interviewed for TV, so I would have stayed away from the camera guy

Lynnbug said...

She thought being on camera was the shit. I did NOT want to be on camera. Next to her I would have looked like a back drop. LOL

We are going back Sept 30 and painting tulips. These are not funky tulips and the painting is more traditional. I think that is the best way to describe it.

Anonymous said...

Can I say I knew you when?