Friday, August 15, 2008

What's up?

Nothing much with me.

It has been almost a month since I swore off fast food and started using spray on butter and watching my fat intake as much as I can. I have to confess that I still eat fast food about once a week. But at least it isnt every day like before. I am eating a lot of fruit. Probably too much but it is peach season, watermelon season, cantaloupe season. It is just the season for every fruit I love.

I havent really suffered and after weighing this morning I need to make some adjustments to my "diet." Since July 22, 2008 I have lost maybe 3lbs. Maybe. In fact that is probably a stretch. I probably have lost 2lbs. Well maybe 1 lb. I know, I cant really remember if I was at exactly 220 or I just rounded up the weight. Sometimes I do that. But whatever, it isnt significant enough to even talk about even if I did lose anything.

I did go to my doctor and she has made some adjustments to my medicine. I am going to be taking a different oral diabetes medicine and she is going to try to back me off some of the insulin if she can. We will see. I hope so for two reasons: 1. The insulin has made me blow up when I can do that on my own. I dont need any help. 2. The insulin is expensive and I would rather not have to buy it so often.

The doctor also gave me some more antidepressant samples. When I asked for some she kinda looked at me like she was aggravated about the whole thing. So, she runs into her little sample closet and brings out this stuff called Pristiq. She didnt have the Effexor. She gave me a 30 day supply. My next appointment is 60 days. Which means I will have to go by there and HOPE she has some more or I will run out again. I dont know what I expect from her. Depression is not something she really deals with and she really doesnt want to. You can just tell.

I plan to find a place to go for my depression. I am not getting what I need from her. But it isnt her fault. I was trying to find a one stop shopping place for everything that is wrong with me. That is the wrong thing to do and I know it.

So far the Pristiq has made me very sleepy and very confused. I am hoping these side effects wear off soon. I am not as irritable taking it and that is good. But that is about all that I can tell it has done for me.

So this is where I am at today. Nothing is going on to speak about. Life is just an endless cycle of work and home. I am grateful for that but I am ready for something to happen. But I want that something to be good. Dont we all?

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