Sunday, August 17, 2008

Squirrels are Stupid

They are just rats with tails.

I have always found them very cute and fun to watch. I still do. But I have a couple squirrels in my yard that are totally stupid. I believe they represent all squirrels and they definately have a stupid side.

I have 21 tomato plants and some bell pepper plants in my yard. A bunch of those plants are between my house and my office. They are loaded with real tomatoes and peppers. We have a sign outside the office that we made when we opened up the fruit market. We glued plastic fruit and tomatoes on this sign. It really looks kind of strange.

The stupid squirrels climb over my roof and go right past my real tomatoes and peppers. They come to the front of the building where the plastic fruit/vegetable sign is. And they eat the plastic fruit. So either they prefer plastic fruit/vegetables to the real thing or they are stupid.

Or both.

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Linda said...

Oh shit, that is too funny!! Those are stupid squirrels! My mom had a squirrel that would knock on her backdoor because she had been feeding it. So, I guess just like people, the IQ of squirrels runs the gamut!