Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Babies Party

The birthday party turned out really good. The children had a wonderful time. The adults--all except for me, momma and Amber--I think they were just there to grin and bear it. I swear I have never been around so many people hating on each other in my life! So I am limiting myself to pictures of the kids and the few adults who appeared to enjoy themselves.

We had the party at the park. It was about 75 degrees which was perfect. Look at Kenzy's joy while she was playing on the slide:

Here is Amber and Momma.

Owen would climb to the top of these monkey bars all by himself. I just knew he was gonna break his neck but he didnt.

I bought the cake and the kids loved it. It was Mickey and Minnie Mouse in a soda shop.

Learning toys were given out:

Kenzy kept everything in control. She made sure all the presents were opened. I got both of them some junk and each a new outfit. Part of Kenzy's junk was that boa she has around her neck. That and those sunglasses somebody else gave her were pretty much her favorite. She put them on and didnt take them off the rest of the day.

Ken keeps his cigarrettes behind his ear. Redneck isnt it? But he is cute anyway.

Amber got into it. She wore mouse ears and everything. I did not wear mouse ears. She tried to get me to but I wouldnt do it. I know, party pooper me.

"Why you bothering me? Cant you see I got to drive my truck?"

The Diva! She is getting tired.

So the party is over. For reasons I wont go into I think that it will be really different next year. Time will tell. But I had fun and loved watching them play and get presents. Everytime Kenzy pulled out a birthday card she would hand it to her mother and say: "Heres a letter."

I guess she thought it was in there by mistake or something.

Owen would open a present and immediately begin to play with it. He would lose interest in opening any more because he wanted to play with his stuff. You would have to take his present away and make him open more. It took some time and with Kenzy's help, he got them all open.

The guests were mostly Ken's side of the family. Ambers family had already celebrated in Tuscaloosa. Although there was "tension" among the herd, a LOT of pictures were taken by everybody. At one point when the kids were opening presents, I had to stop because I started laughing. The kids were on one side of the table and the adults were on the other taking picture after picture. It was like a press conference of something!
So there you have it! Party is over!


Linda said...

Oh, what fun!! Sorry the adults are so lame..
That cake is adorable! I love Mickey and Minnie. Owen and his presents reminds me of Gabe. He would always want to stop and play before "moving on" too. He's sorta gotten over that now, and is willing to open everyone's presents!! (like mine on MY birthday!!)

You asked what kind of camera I use. I have a Panasonic digital that is about 5 years old. Some of the photos were taken with my cell phone camera (motorola razr) and then others are from Misty's digital camera which is a Canon. Not bad photos considering they aren't the best cameras around.

Linda said...

Darnit! I forgot to mention Kenzy saying the cards were letters! That is priceless!!

Lynnbug said...

Well your camera takes really good photos!! I am impressed. They look like they were taken with by a professional photographer!