Sunday, September 7, 2008

Remembering Johnny

Alabama beat Tulane yesterday. The score was 20 - 6. I am very happy about that.

But if I could have went to the game the thing that would have interested me most was the tribute to John Mark Stallings at half-time.

Johnny was the son of Gene Stallings and was born with downs syndrome and a defective heart. He was not expected to live past childhood, but he did. In fact he lived 46 years.

When Coach Stallings was at the U of A, Johnny was a huge fixture there. He loved Alabama Football and worked hard in the Bryant Museum. He also was in the locker rooms and training facility all the time.

Watch the video I found on Youtube. I think you may enjoy it.

Here in Alabama we will miss John Mark.

John Mark 'Johnny' Stallings: 1962-2008


Laura said...

Roll Tide! The video at the game last night was great!

BTW - your panty attack nearly killed me with laughter!

Linda said...

I knew a "Johnny"...When I worked at NT, he was hired to clean the lunchroom. The day I watched him wipe the bottom of his shoe-and then the lunchroom table, I fell in love. He joined me outside on my cigarette breaks every chance he got. We became fast friends, and my heart broke when his job (which was temporary) was over. He loved wrestling and country music, and he made me a better person, just by being his sweet, sweet self.

Lynnbug said...

Laura I wish I could have seen the tribute! Thanks for loving the panty attack! What woman hasnt had them?

Linda--it is so easy to fall in love with downs syndrome kids. They are so loving and kind and innocent.

Hide.. Literally! said...

dlzOMG Talk about a lump in the throat. WOW! What a great tribute you've given Johnny. And I loved the last entry about hating people to drop in, going outside the "plans" and I'm with you on being late. There is a reason that people say you can't teach an old dog new tricks and I am one of them. What a great blog to start off the week..

The Coconut Diaries said...

Oh, honey, I prefer NFL over college football so I guess we'll have to catch up when the seasons are over!!