Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bad Shopping Day

Yesterday's grocery store shopping was a bad experience. I have never had a bad experience at this grocery store. Shop there all the time and everyone is always nice.

I was checking out and watching the girl ring up the groceries. I had 2 cans of spray on skillet oil. It rang up twice.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: I think that was supposed to be a buy one get one free item.

Her: -stares blankly at me-

Me: I dont think that was supposed to ring up twice--I think it was buy one get one free.

Her: -stares blankly then looks at screen and rolls her eyes- "No-it rang up twice so it isnt buy one get one free."

Me: I could have swore there was a sign on the shelf that said that - otherwise I would have only gotten one can.

Her: So what? You dont want this one?

Me: Not if it isnt buy one get one free--but I think it is.

Her: What? You want me to check it?

Me: Well-if you want to, otherwise I just want one. No big deal.

By this time I am getting a little irritated, but I refuse to raise my voice and decide to very nicely turn into the bitch she is being. In other words - I will out bitch her.

Her: Stomps (literally) from the register and goes and asks a man in a white button down about the spray. He tells her the special is for a smaller size can. She yells the answer to me as she is walking back to the register. Again she asks do I want it?

Me: No, not if it isnt buy one get one free. (Monotone voice)

Her: Pushes some buttons on register and scans to take off my bill. It adds it to my bill and she looks at it, sets it aside and starts ringing up more stuff.

Me: Wait--that added--it didnt take it off. I only want one if it isnt buy one get one free. (Monotone voice)

Her: Picks up spray pushes buttons on register and scans. It adds again. She repeats this step three times.

Me: You think you might need some help? Whatever you are doing just isnt working. (Monotone voice)

Her: Continues to repeat same motions and my bill is getting higher and higher.

Me: I only want one. (Monotone voice)

Her: She does it again.

Me: Uh--you need help. My Skinny Cows are melting. I only want one spray and my bill needs to be fixed sometime today. (Monotone Voice)

Her: Stomps off again and gets man in white button down who uses a key and takes items off the register. He wants to know the problem.

Me: I only wanted one since they werent on sale. (Perky sweet voice)

Her: Takes over finishes ringing me up and pushes the total key.

Me: Scan my debit card while she pushes buttons. Card does not go through.

Her: Scan it again.

Me: Scanned again--no worky.

Man in button down coat: Pushes her aside and tells me to scan

Me - Scan - works

I look at the girl and she has tears in her eyes. I have no sympathy because my alternate personality has come out and her name is Bitch.

As I was walking to my car pushing my buggy I had to wonder when and how this all went wrong. In her defense I know her job is hard. I have done it myself. In my defense so many times an item will be on sale and it doesnt ring up that way. Yes-ultimately I was wrong about THIS sale but I told the chick I didnt want it if it wasnt. I didnt yell, I didnt talk ugly and I didnt even roll my eyes.

See you again later this week chicky!

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The Coconut Diaries said...

Ugh! You certainly cannot feel bad about this. Clearly, she had stuff going on that had nothing to do with you if that interaction made her cry. You gotta have a tough skin to work in customer service, baby!