Sunday, September 28, 2008

Roll My Tide Roll!

Hey! Bulldogs!

Hey! Bulldogs

We. just. beat. the hell outta you!

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer

Givem Hell Alabama!

A few facts about this game:

  1. Alabama has not allowed one point in the first quarter of any game they have played this year. Last night they went into the locker room for half time with a score of Alabama 31-Georgia 0
  2. Alabama was a 6 point underdog coming into the game against #3 rated Georgia.
  3. Georgia would most likely have been #1 in the nation if they had won the game. (IF THEY HAD WON BEING THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THAT SENTENCE)
  4. The second half Georgia gave us someone to play with, but they didnt give enough for a win.

If you want to see crazy, picture me screaming with all I had in me, alone, watching the game. I had a GREAT time.

Final Score: Alabama 41 Georgea 30

On to Kentucky next week.

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