Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Paint Party

Tuesday night was another Sips N Strokes night. Another fun night! They had a different teacher and I didnt like her as well as the first teacher. This one went way too fast. Despite that we had a great time. Amber and I along with My boss and her daughter. Since you may not be able to tell, we were painting tulips.

After a long weekend it was good to get out with friends. I was a tiny bit apprehensive going with Amber and my boss, but it turned out okay. Amber can be a "handle" and has a pretty bad potty mouth that she will not control under any circumstance. Not to mention, that even though Amber is grown, she still gets jealous when I pay attention to somebody other than her. I dont mind but I was a little afraid she might offend my boss and since her daughter is only 14, well, I was a little worried like I said.
Turns out Jamie thought Amber was really cool. Turns out, Amber thought Jamie was really cool. No problem. I worry for no reason as usual.
This past weekend was a little rough. Jeffery called Saturday and I knew from the moment I answered the phone something was wrong. He relapsed Friday night and spent every dime he had ($700.00) on dope. Crack to be exact. Since I am co-dependent as hell, I worried all day and into the night. That was a drag because it almost ruined my Alabama game. Remember I said almost.
We had several long discussion Saturday about his relapse. He hung up on me three times. I wasnt saying what he wanted to hear. Even though I wasnt yelling or pointing fingers and saying I told you so, he just kept hanging up. He wound up sitting in a sugarcane field "hiding" from the people he works with. They all live together of all things. I couldnt believe he was doing that.
Eventually he got okay and he has convinced himself it wont happen again and life goes on for Jeff. I know the day will come that he is going to call back and say it happened again. It always does. And the beat goes on.

Monday I cleaned house all day. Stayed home and cleaned and washed clothes in my NEW/used washing machine. No more laundromats!!!! I had a dryer but needed a washing machine. A chic and some guy pulled up at work Friday and had a washer/dryer for sale. I told them I would buy the washing machine if they got it into my house and hooked it up so I could make sure it worked. I just had to make sure because these people didnt appear to be the most honest people I have run across.

  1. He was drunk.
  2. She was not drunk but looked as if she hadnt been to sleep for days.
  3. They had a lot of stuff for sale besides the washer/dryer.
  4. The poor girl wore about a 48DDD and had on a tee shirt that had the sleeves cut out and her boobs kept falling out of the arm holes. I just wanted to screem "Put those honkers back in their sling!"

I know I shouldnt be judgemental but I have lived long enough to know people dont drive around with a mini van full of various items selling them for the hell of it. Plus the washing machine had cob webs in it so I knew it hadnt been used in a while. She was saying it was hers and it came out of her house. NOT!

Anyway-it worked and I bought it. She was trying to get me to buy the dryer so they would match. I had to let her know that nothing in my house matches and I could care less if the washer and dryer matches. I just dont care about that kind of stuff. Im a cheap ho.


Hide.. Literally! said...

I think the painting thing is very theraputic. And what a fun time, we usually worry over nothing but such is life. I am sorry to hear about Jeff, and although I'm not sure who he is he obviously means a great deal to you and I will say a prayer for him. I don't know about relapsing I only know of relapsing and it's difficult. I am sorry you are going through that and I am sorry that life has to go on in the way Jeff sees it. You are very brave for hanging in there - and God bless football, right. I love the washer/dryer story. I laughed hard in the end - the honkers falling out of the shirt - do people honestly not realize it or are they just out of tune with it? Terrible. I keep the ladies as secure as possible. But I'm not even close to that size either. LOL - OMG at the end when you mention that you think you are a cheap ho.. Come on, now we know that's not true but reading it was classic. And we know where the things in the mini van came from. Hell I hope she gets a sling with the money you gave them. And we say hell no to matching appliances. Good for you. You are an inspiration. Thanks Lynn!!

Lynnbug said...

I will get you up to speed on Jeff. He is an ex boyfriend and yes he still means a lot to me. But we havent been "together for a couple years. Jeff used to live here and he got really bad on crack. Finally he wanted some help and he started going to a class called Recovery Dynamics while waiting on a bed in a half way house. He had never been to an AA meeting or been to treatment. He was living at The Salvation Army while doing this. Then came the day when a friend called and had him a job in Miss. So off he went after only 2 weeks in the class.

I told him the other night he needed to call someone close to where he was and suggested he call the local AA or NA or CA. Any of them. He let me know quick that it doesnt work. How do you know that I asked him? Because I tried it he said. I couldnt help it-I had to ask him when he tried it! He referred me to his 2 weeks stint at the Recovery Dynamics class. And I couldnt help myself. I told him that certainly wasnt trying it. To try it you have to go to meetings, get a sponser, read the BB, work the steps and help others. He only went to about 10 classes, no meetings and he GLANCED through the BB. That is not trying it. he then told me what he needed was medication. So much for that, right?

But I did talk to him a long time and he just is not ready. And when your not ready, your not ready. Please do say a pray for him. He is suffering and I dont want him to go too far.

As for the honkers--I still havent got over it and neither has my bosslady. We laughed and laughed. And Im pretty sure they raided somebodys storage shed. I cant be sure, but................been there done that. Dont want to go back!