Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Twins are Growing Up

Kenzy had on a really cute outfit but then decided to dress herself. These days she prefers her own outfits. This outfit is a pair of her mothers boots with a baby bib she found. She thought she looked sooo hot. I couldnt pass up picture of this and she wouldnt have let me anyway.

I'm not sure what Owen was doing here. He is headed for something and I am sure it is trouble. He is a quiet, sneaky little thing. He has his chest poked out like he is so proud of himself!

You want some candy little girl?

The children were 3 years old yesterday. It just doesnt seem like it has been 3 years since they were born. I do know that everyday they are learning something new. One of the biggest things is words. Right now the word and or words of the day is penis and vagina. That one is all due to me people. I got in my head that it would be good if they knew the correct word for their body parts. Pickle and moo moo is cute, but they need to know the right words. Right?! They started repeating the correct words when they went to the bathroom or were getting their clothes changed. NOW Kenzy tells everyone she meets that "Kenzy has a gina and Owen has a peeenis. She will also tell you what you have. I LOVE it! But none of her grandparents do. NONE. They think it is awful that I would teach them that. I love that they hate it. I absolutely see no difference in teaching pickle over penis except that I taught them the correct word. Now it just has to be taught the appropriate time and place to use the word.
I am have a good time with Mama. Mama is easy to be with. She is easily entertained and very little trouble or disruption comes to the house. We went out to eat last night and today she is cooking dinner for me. Roasted chicken and rice. Cant wait! We are also going shopping either tonight or tommorrow night. I will be getting a much needed new outfit. I plan to casually cute for the kids birthday party Saturday.
Amber is having the party at the park. From 12 noon to 2 pm. It will be hot. But it will be fun and there will be no mess at her house. This is a plus for her. She gets rattled when her house is full of people and a mess is made. Full of people she doesnt really like but has to put up with because they are in-laws. I dont count. I am Aunt Lynn and I am never considered "people in her house." But I know what she means because she is so like me.
The childrens 3rd birthday is bringing about a lot of changes my little babies may not like and I dont really think is all that necessary. There will be many who disagree with me. Like taking away their pacifier. Why? It isnt like they will use them forever so why push the issue? She is also going to go full force into the potty training. She has been doing that some and they do okay. The only thing is you have to take their diapers off and they (well Owen) will use the potty all the time. Put on panties or a diaper and they go in their pants. Kenzy will sit on the potty or toilet for hours but she wont go in it. She feeds her baby and reads books there. Then she wipes, washes her hands and she is done. But she never goes in it. I dont think she is completely ready. I say that it is okay to potty train but they will start going when they are ready. Everyone thinks I am just a push over.
Maybe I just dont want them to grow up.


Linda said...

Those kids are darling, Lynn!
I agree you with you on calling body parts by their proper names."Pickle and moo moo" don't cut it for me!! They WILL learn when not to say those words, but hell I think it's totally funny to hear a tiny tot use them, so I would never be offended. I however, tend to like inappropriate things anway..
I used to work with a gal that told her son that girls have a "vulva". Her husband came home with a new car one day, and when the son was told it was a "volvo", I guess the look on his face was priceless (he was around 5).
Tough call on the pacifier removal.Little Miss Ella still uses one, although she can't at daycare. I think that those little comfort things are fine-it's not like they are going to go to college with one!!! Ella also has a bottle of milk when she gets home from daycare every day. She was off the bottle forever, and one day just asked for one. She's been asking daily since, and what the heck. Who cares?
3 year olds are still babies in my book. Let them be babies. They will spend a lot longer being big!!!

Lynnbug said...

Thank Linda for agreesing with me. I have felt kinda alone on the pacifier thing. Now I said yesterday that Kenzy isnt ready to potty trains and what did she do when she came by my work? Moma said she was going to the bathroom and Kenzy ran in a watched her all the while holding her legs saying "Its okay, you not fall". Then when Moma was done she shed the diaper, got up and used the potty. So go figure. She may do again and she may not.

The Coconut Diaries said...

OMG! My favorite thing is the world is going in public and spotting the kids who have started dressing themselves. Hail to the parents...I'm not sure I could let my kid go out in red, sparkly shoes; brown floral pants; and a green tank top.