Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conversation With My Boss

We were all sitting together at work and discussing the fact that business sucks, the economy sucks and what in the world are we all going to do? Well, I took that as my sign that I needed to bring up the future of the car lot and my job. I am glad I feel comfortable talking to bossman about this. Other jobs I have had made this conversation very uncomfortable if not down right impossible. But my bossman shoots straight.

After the cars we have on our lot are sold, we will no longer be in the car business. That leaves the vegetable mart and the portable buildings that we sell. We have to get that business up, way up. If we cant get people coming in and buying vegetable and buildings, we will have to close. It makes sense to me because these people are just like me. They cannot afford to keep putting good money to bad.

I brought up the fact that I was afraid there was coming a time when they couldnt afford me. Since I am single, its just little ol' me that I have to depend on. I told bossman I was thinking about taking a part time job. I added that this was something I only wanted to do if there appeared things were not going to get any better and locking the doors were our only option. I do not want to work 40 hours a week here and then 20-30 somewhere else. I just dont.

Bossman told me that we were going to close anything before Christmas and he had high hopes that if we could hold out until spring, we would be okay. He also told me that they needed me here because he was really sick and there were days he couldnt be here. Plus bosslady is going through a lot of medical stuff and here mother is too. So, they need me here. Yay!

Bossman also went on to assure me that if it looked like the above wasnt going to happen, he would give me at least a 30 deay notice so I could find another job before we closed. He also said another option might be for me to go part time here and get a part time job. That way perhaps he could keep me longer and if all went sour, I would have a back up.

I feel better now. He's trying to watch my back along with his back. I am not used to that. Most of the jobs I had didnt give a crap what happened to their employees in the event they had to close down. This is one of the main reason I like my job and bosses so much. It is a small family business and they consider me family. So they look out for me too.

Bossman wants me to help them think of ways or gimmicks to get people into The Veggie Mart. My first suggestion is to make it look like a vegetable market and not a car lot. The cars need to be moved to the far end of the parking lot. We also need some type of display and decoration outside to make this place look more appealing. He agreed to this and gave me and his wife free rein to do what we liked with the outside. So the wheels of my brain are continuing to turn and think of more ideas.

Im glad I talked to him. It wasnt completely good news, but it wasnt as bad as I thought. Im sure whatever goes down, everyone - including me -- will make it through everything just fine.


Linda said...

That has to be a big relief, Lynn. I have always been the kind that wants to know ahead of time, so that I can plan. Me don't like surprises!!!
3 years ago, I left my job of 15 years due to changes in the company. They were downsizing, and informed the supervisors (13 of us) that we needed to re-apply for our jobs-and they would only need 10. I fretted and fretted.I had the opportunity to opt out, and go my merry way with a severance package. Which I did. Sometimes I am so smart!!
Everyone that I worked with (about 500 people) is out of a job now.
They moved the call center from Oregon to Pennsylvania.

Lynnbug said...

Dont you just hate that! As you know, we just arent that busy. (Or I wouldnt have been napping when you and Denise called). I dont want to go to work for a large corporation either. Like you just said--they will close the doors in a minute on you with no explanation. In fact, I left before it happened, but the company I worked for did just that. No severence for anyone and since they filed involuntary bankruptcy, most left without their final pay checks. I got out of that place just in time!

But the people I work for now will not do that to me. I am soooo grateful for that!

Lynnbug said...

Oh and another thing. What you said about the 13 of you having to re-apply for your jobs is bullshit. That just gets management off the hook at having to tell someone they are laid off. Management can be such spinless weenies.

Hide.. Literally! said...

This is happening everywhere. Working in the automotive repair business - people are towing in their cars to find out what's wrong with them, instead of fixing them they are waiting for the crunch to end before they fix them so they just tow them home 80% of the time right now. I know we will last through Christmas but after that who knows. I hate the unknown but it's part of life.

I think with the ideas for the market you should hire someone to stand outside in a banana suit. Just for the soul purpose of this blog. The picture would be awesome..

No matter how bad it gets, or what kind of a pinch I am in - I will never return to Corporate America, not only because I am not an ass kisser, but more so because it's completely out of my realm.

Lynnbug said...

Heidi--I have actually thought about that banana suit!! It would be funny!