Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sometimes Even Weeds Are Pretty

This is a really beautiful time of year. The leaves are beginning to change and the mornings are cool but but not cold. The temperature during the day is in the mid 80's with little to no humidity. Thank goodness the humidity is almost gone! That crap is a killer.

The weather seems to have lifted my spirits quite a bit. I have a little more energy that I want to devot to walking the dog and getting exercise. The worse that can happen with that is, well, nothing really. If you dont count missing out on a little TV. That is a sacrifice for me. But I think I am going to do just that. The dog will love it, I will be enjoying the outside a little and maybe, just maybe I might feel better.

The picture above is a picture of ragweed. It grows wild in the fall. I think it is pretty because it will cover a whole field or pasture and make is so yellow with it blooms. The side effect is allergy symptoms. My head gets all kind of stopped up. Funny, when I was little I would go out and pick HUGE handfulls of this flower/weed and put them in the house for Momma, my teacher, whoever I was sucking up to at the time, and they never bothered me. But now, I dont even have to touch one to get a stopped up head and multiple sneezes.

I still think they are pretty though. I look at them from afar and use a dose of Clariton.

Today is a good day. Even though I am at work (which really isnt work) I am loving today. I like to wake up in a good mood and feel good when I walk outside and see the sunshine and fall leaves beginning to turn. And the ragweed blooming.

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Hide.. Literally! said...

Don't the good days just feel good. And this is the best time of year with the weather and colors changng. I am grateful you had a good day, which means I had a good day cause I always smile when I think og Lynnbug. Have a restful day tomorrow.