Friday, October 3, 2008

The Economy Is Killing Me

Im thinking about possibly taking a part time job. I have done this many times and part of me never wants to work two jobs again. But right now I have a real sense of financial insecurity going on in my head.

I am single. I only depend on me. It doesnt look like my knight in shinning armour is going to come knocking on my door and vow to make sure my life is wonderful and free of worries. I probably wouldnt take him up on it if he did. I am just not in to anyone taking care of me. That is probably because no one ever has. I have always been the caretaker. So that idea is pretty much out the door before I ever open it.

I love my job. The stress level is very low. The work load is light most of the time. The people I work for a good to me. You cant really ask for more than that.

The problem is that with the current economy, business is dead. Dead in the water is what bossman says. We have done anything and everything we can to get business up. But the bottom has fallen out of car sales. Dealerships all accross Alabama are closing up shop. People who have been in the business for YEARS. The vegetable market we have added is up and down. We need time to establish the market, but I fear there is not enough time. You cant just keep pouring money into something and not get a return.

So I find myself once again considering a part-time job. It would be there if something happened where I work. Kind of a back-up. I was thinking something like Wal-Mart. I might like that, but Im still not sure. My feet dont handle the standing up thing very long.

I would love to find some office work. But whatever job I find would have to work around my hours at my current job. That is one of the reasons I am considering Wal-Mart. A friend of mine who used to work there says they will work around the hours for part-time people.

The second job would give me a little piece of mind, but I would not have a lot of time off. I have gotten a little selfish and lazy working at my present job. I love the time I have on my hands. I love being able to be off when I need to be off. I love just walking next door to get to work. I love being able to go to my apartment in the middle of the day and "check on things."

I have to make a decision soon. I am really sure I could get on at Wal-Mart or if not there a place like that. With the holidays coming a lot of retail stores will be hiring. Oh God! I just thought of something terrible! You have to work a lot of holidays in retail! Crap!

I am definately going to be thinking this through. I may even discuss this with my boss. He might can shed some light on what type of decision I need to make based on what his plans are for the car lot and vegetable market. In fact, I am sure he would be the one to tell me if he thinks it is a good idea to get a second job. What I do know is he will do his best not to leave me hanging. He would warn me if he planned to close.

Whatever happens I know I would adapt. I would get another job. If I had to move I would move.

Everything always seems to work out one way or another.

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