Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Dont Understand Sometimes

I had a conversation today with someone and I found it very funny. I was watching my favorite soap opera (General Hospital) when this person told me that people that do this for a living eventually start thinking they are really these people they are playing and they forget who they are. They wind up going crazy and on drugs for the rest of their life. They rot their brain.

I was like stop! This is not true it is just a job like any other job.

No, No this person told me. For example if one day you played your mother, the next day you played Jeff, and the next day you played your niece, - well - you would go crazy because you would forget who you are and you would have to turn to drugs and alcohol. The proof is there, listen to some of the interviews these people do--they are all crazy and they think they are the person they are playing. They cant get away from it.

So--this is probably one of the craziest conversations I had today. If it doesnt make sense to you it is because it doesnt make sense.

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Linda said...

That must be why I have turned to alcohol.I have gone crazy playing the role of a bookkeeper during the week, and I forgot-went crazy and bounced several transactions in my own personal checking account last week. I must have been playing the role of someone else!
That explains it all. Whew! I feel better already.