Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mine is Juicy (I think)

I just got through reading Heidi's blog today. I loved that she wrote something juicy! While I was reading her responses someone pointed out she had said masturbation 3 times. I hadnt counted the times she said it so I went back and counted to make sure 3 times was right. It was. I just had to check.

But it got me to thinking about masturbation and how great it can be between relationships. It can also be great when you are "between" relationships. In fact, for me, sometimes it is the best sex I have ever had. (That probably seems like a sad comment but for me it is true.) I mean, I have been in some loser relationships.

I came along and grew up during a time when you didnt talk about masturbation. It was something you werent supposed to do. But over the years I have often had to ask the question of "why?"

Jeff actually got me away from thinking it was something shameful. He opened me up more than any guy I ever dated and taught me things I never thought I would know about sex. I wont go into all the things we did, but as for masturbation--he taught me to love it.

My parents always said if you keep doing that you will go blind.

Maybe that is why there is a hemorrhage behind my right eye that wasnt there last year?


Linda said...

Ha Ha! My mother used to be mortified, absolutely mortified.I was pretty brazen as a kid...
I'm all for the reality that it is a normal, actually healthy thing to do.Did you see "The Contest" episode on Seinfeld?
The whole "going blind" thing just cracks me up. Was that really supposed to scare people away? Cause I don't know anyone who let that stop 'em!!
I read Heidi's blog, so I knew about the "juicy" idea, but as I am here commenting on the post about masturbation and I glance at your title "Mine is Juicy"-it gave a little different connotation. Know what I mean?

Lynnbug said...

Yeah--I know what you mean! LOL!

I almost changed the title and then I thought--what the heck--maybe it will draw people over to read my blog! Im so vain!

Hide.. Literally! said...

You are not vain, you are admirable. I love it. I love that you are open and willing to share, I love that I feel like I have gotten to know so much of you as a person, like if I had your phone number I shouldn't call during football and want to talk about the weather. I just love you Lynn. You are a fabulous lady.
I have to tell you that I never really thought about masturbation until later in life - let's just say I was older than 24 when I had my first experience and I couldn't do it - I laughed so hard thinking WTF am I doing. Seriously Hide, what are you doing. It still makes me laugh to think about how hard I laughed on that day - Oh and just because you are wondering - I don't laugh anymore. ;) Hugs sunshine..

Coach B. said...

Yes! You go girl! That was pretty juciy...and totally correct. Masturbation is way okay. Nothing to be ashamed of. I just got my first vibrator this year and it is the best $50 I ever spent!