Sunday, October 26, 2008

Alabama 29 Tennessee 9

Alabama just moved to 8-0 and this means we will most likely got to the SEC championship game! It is hard to believe that we are where we are at. Predictions for this year were good but they were never this good.

One thing that has most likely sealed the deal for us on the SEC game is the fact that we got a little help from Georgia when they beat LSU yesterday. Go Bulldogs! And thank you so much for your help!

It was a good game last night. I was on edge last night during the first half, but for a team that hasnt done well in the second half, Alabama came out and dominated. I was talking to my friend John off and on during the game because he is from Tennessee. At the half he was so happy and excited talking smack because even though they were losing they were still very much in the game. After the 3rd quarter of Alabama domination I called him back. He said he was mopping the kitchen floor and to hell with Alabama football!! LMAO! I said you should be saying to hell with Tennessee football! After the game I called him back and told him it looked like most of the Tennesse fans left the game early and went home to mop their floors! LMAO! John is a good sport and he has been able to rag me about Alabama for quite a few years so now it was my turn.

It has been so much fun so far. Next week is homecoming and we play Arkansas St. After that LSU. LSU will be a tough one, they are an excellant team.
Above is pictured Roy Upchurch--one hell of a player!

For right now all I got to say is Roll! Tide! Roll!

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