Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spinning Wheels

The other night was a night where my mind was spinning and there was no sleep to come. Eventually I took a couple Klonopine but not before I had a head full of bizzarro thoughts. It went like this:

Thinking about riding down the road with Amber and she pointed out it was strange that there was a Dick's Sporting Goods and Hancock Fabrics side by side Yeah kind of funny like my gynecologist named Dr Adcock who is drop dead gorgeous I mean that is a strange name for a man that spends most of his days with his head between the legs of various women I loved Dr. Adcock even though the first time I met him he took my breath and I had to think twice before letting him examine me and then thought what the hell he may be the best looking thing that ever passes that way and I had a hell of a problem with pain and discharge because I just knew Mr. Happy Dick Lewis had given a special gift but it turned out to be a benign polyp that when Dr Adcock saw he promptly said Wow I never seen anything like this before! I mean what the hell kind of a thing is that to say with your head between my legs but the polyp was growing from inside my uterus to the outside and he told me it looked like the cover of The Rolling Stone Magazine with that mouth and tongue sticking out that thing continued to grow until my surgery date and got so large I thought it was going to have a soul and I would have to start thinking of baby names and I need to go to the Dollar Tree and get one of those monster masks and wear it over to Ambers and scare the hell out of the kids wouldnt that be funny they would cry and then laugh when they realized it was me and maybe I should ask Amber if I could make them pee their pants before I did it I wish I hadnt ate that banana sandwich for supper cause now my stomach hurts and Im sure that is the reason and I hope my contacts come in soon because I need them I am about to run out and damnt I need to take something to go to sleep.

Those are only a part of what goes through my head at lightning speed when my head is spinning. This went on for about an hour and included a lot of tossing and turning.

Just thought I would share.


Anonymous said...

Omg Lynn!!! too funny. I wake up between 2 and 3 every morning, I don't have thoughts like that but my mind does spin.Mostly about bills and work,and divorce.Denise

Lynnbug said...

I could on and on about my spinning head. I talk to myself and someone else all the time. I have these REAL conversations in my head. Happens all the time. I think we must have anxiety or something.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lynn,
I am my own best friend I swear. Mostly I say.... You will be fine, you will be fine. It will get better. Someday denise you will look back on this and laugh and say fuck off you made it through. So you don't have to tell me abpout spinning wheels girlie!