Friday, October 17, 2008

I Like Instant Potatoes--Im Just Sayin

The title to my post has nothing to do with my post. But I do like instant mashed potatoes. More so than real ones.

I have been re-doing my resume. I didnt realize how hard this is! Is it okay to "inflate" my experience and skills? I hope so because that is what I am doing! I hate trying to remember dates of jobs and what I did at that particular job. My resume right now spans about a 15 year period and includes everything from a Insurance Claims Supervisor to a hotdog vendor! I guess that could mean Im versatile, huh?

I want my resume to sound professional but I havent gotten there yet. I am not really good at those stuffy, over the top descriptions people give in the "Objective" part of the resume. I tend to want to say "Shit, I just want a job I like that pays more than Im worth!" I mean, doesnt everybody want that? Isnt that everybody's objective?

I am going to to start applying for jobs in the next few days. I am going to be very particular and only apply for positions I think I will like. Something with great benefits. Some type of job that doesnt suck the life out of me.

Im not lazy when I work. In fact, I prefer to be busy. I prefer to be challenged. I prefer a heavy workload. I just produce more when I am challenged.

But first I have to get the damned resume to sound like somebody a company would want to hire. I surfed the net over and gotten some pretty good ideas. I even have a rough draft that isnt all that shabby.

I have time I think to take this job hunt slow. According to bossman, no decision about this place will be made until after the first of the year. So I figure a couple applications a week-depending on what's out there.

I like customer service--but I have sadly found out that most customer service ads are really telemarketing ads. They try to suck you in much like they do in their telephone calls to sell some bogus shit. About a year ago I went on an interview for one such customer service ad. When I got to my interview there were about 50 other people there for the same thing. The warning flag went up. Then came a presentation that lasted about an hour. The whole pitch was about how much money we would be making, blah blah, by making about a thousand phone calls a day, blah blah, selling this little sticker to benefit fallen police officers families. All of $1.00 of every sale went to this charity. The stickers started at $15.00 and went all the way up to $50.00 depending on what "level" of charity you were willing to donate. I just wanted out of that bogus place and away from the bogus people. I mean, that isnt customer service is it?

Well, I got a lot of tweaking to do on this resume. So - later gators!

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