Saturday, October 11, 2008

What's Your Perfect Moment/Moments?

I was watching a show on TV and one of the characters asked the question "Have you ever had a perfect moment?" Such a deep question and it got me to wondering if I had ever had a perfect moment. A moment that couldnt have been better no matter what. No matter what had happened before it or after it. So I decided to ponder this and make a list. A list--well Im kinda hoping at 48 that I have had more than one perfect moment.

Here goes:
  • The time in Jr. High when I was in the band and we went to the area band competition. We worked so hard for so long and we got all A's-a perfect score. We were over the top happy and we felt so complete.
  • The day my Daddy called me at work and told me how much he loved me and how he knew I was his smartest child. He said he was so proud of me and I was his favorite child. He asked me not to tell the "others" but I did anyway. He was wanting me to come home and get my life back together. I had left home that summer in a fit of anger.
  • The way Danny Mac pressed his hand on my lower back and led me through the crowd one night. It was just something about the way he did it that said you are so important to me.
  • The first time Kenzy and Owen told me they loved me without me having to say it first. I wuv you Aunt Wen!. It was priceless.
  • Getting the title to my car in the mail after I paid it off. It made me feel like all my hard work had paid off and I had really accomplished something.
  • Sitting outside on the patio of my house after a date and talking and necking with my first boyfriend.
  • Watching Beaches with my BFF Tina. Later on it was the movie Thelma and Louis. Me being Thelma and her being Louise.
  • Eating my Momma's Divinity candy. Everytime she makes it is a special moment. It is a tradition at Christmas and there are soooo many memories behind it.
  • My first big person bicycle. I remember riding it and watching Momma and Daddy just smiling at me.
  • Feeding the seagulls with this guy I was dating named Jim. We had went to the beach and we had been deep sea fishing on his boat. Feeding the seagulls was the end of that day and it had been a perfect day.

I bet I could think of a lot more. These perfect moments seem so simple but I think they are perfect because they are simple moments. They are singled out without all the drama that came before or after them.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post Lynn.
Can I copy it for my blog? I really need to appreciate the perfect moments. I can think of a few and I need to focus on those. Thanx!

Lynnbug said...

I want you to copy it! Anybody can! I plan to write more later!

Linda said...

Me too Lynn, me too.

Those WERE special moments in your life!
My Mama used to make divinty too! It was so yummy....

Hide.. Literally! said...

Beautifully said - I think there are opportunities to have perfect moments a lot more than we think because we don't see them as opportunites. And don't you love it when a guy/gal puts their hand on your back to lead you safely.. OH My..