Thursday, November 13, 2008

At 48 I Can Still Have Fantasies

I watched the CMA's last night. I love country music, but this year I watched to specifically see my man Kid Rock. I love him. I cant figure out my fascination of him. He is not really good looking but he is extremely sexy to me. His music is great!

So I got my Blue Bunny Chocolate Covered Raspberry ice cream popsicle (1 gram carb) and sat back and watched him rock the house last night. Oh so wonderful. The fantasies began in my head. I feel like a teenager again when I watch him perform. Sort of like I did when I was 10 and David Cassidy and Donny Osmond were the heart throbs of young girls. I had pictures of them I had gotten out of Teen Beat magazine pasted all over my walls and I would kiss them good night every night. I need a picture of Kid Rock to go with my life size cut out of Tony Stewart. My life might almost be complete if I had that.

I would totally sleep with this guy. That is a compliment and he should be honored because at this point in my life I dont want to sleep with anybody. But I would him. There would, of course, be rules.

1. He would have to wear his hat.
2. He would have to bring a CD of my fav Kid Rock songs to play in the background.
3. He would also have to bring whiskey to sip straight from the bottle.
4. Even though I dont normally use Oregano, I would like to have some of that. Just to set the
5. I would also need an autographed picture as a momento.

Below is his video "Amen." He said on Ellen this was the best song he ever wrote. I love it.


Linda said...

Ha Ha! Good for you, Lynn! It's never to late for a little fantasy.

I'm positive he would have oregano....
Is he bald under that hat?

Lynnbug said...

I dont think he is bald--the hat is just soooo sexy!

Anonymous said...

I agree he would definetly have somed oregano.
I love his music but really can't stand to look at him. Sorry.But I do think he rocks the partae.
I watched the cma's too Lynn, and his performance was the highlight of my evening.