Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Should I Be Afraid?

I got an interesting e-mail at Myspace. Actually, I got two. The one below is by far the best one. I do not ow this person. I am not sure if he is for real or if this is spam. I am almost positive that either way, this e-mail went to many women. If he is for real, he is crazy. I thought I would share my giggle of the day.

Hello Pretty.

They call me micheal. I am 44 male from florida pensacola. I am divorced with two daughter and a son they are all have got. Your smile has got me wondering cos you are looking lovely, can I know your name and little about you. I hope I am not disturbing? Well if I am its just that I cant help it. Your beauty is shocking that you have got me melting, WOW never thought I could ever come across such an awesome angel in my lifetime and I was almost gonna give up my search but changed my mind at the glance thru ur profile. You are such an astonishingly pretty lady and I must confess that getting to know you will be of great pleasure to me. I love the outdoors. I am easy to please, down to earth, loving , caring and honest and I am out on the search of my other half....I actually came across ur profile and find you interestin and attractive, so I said to write to you and tell you my interest in you maybe we could build up a relationship and get to workthings out.. You might try to think about the distance, but distance between two hearts is not an obstacle; rather a great reminder of just how strong true love can be... Hobbies of mine are swimming, dancing, going to beach, cooking, reading, drawing, watching movies and sports and i also like going out for concert and movie. I like being outside. I am the kind of person who just likes to look at everything around me. I am deeply interested in religion, all phases of life and death, and gently protective of children and weaker souls.. I am not only passionate for romance, but also have intensity about work, friendship, religion, life, and any other categories u can think of. I also write poems,maybe u Would like me to write you a poem? Ok here is it.. It is titled - Beautiful Peace.. Peace is the sound of the breeze on the lake, and the birds in the sky, Peace is the sound of the wind in the trees and the waves rolling by. The sun is setting in the sky, with fluffy clouds so way up high. In the breeze the flowers and grasses dance, as if they share their own romance. Beautiful colors I see through my eyes, bouncing off the water into the skys. Watching the butterflies as they fly past, Finally I am here alone. My inquest to know you , talk of you weave future plans with u continue to get strengthen day by day, which descends to the deepest core of my heart. The expectation in life is that I shall have a companion in whom I can confide , who is my strength with whom I can share all moments of my joy grief. Very thought of whom send a string of scintillating feelings down my nerves which keep me vibrating throughout the day. I always remain Thinking of staying close to whom , in perception, in my actions, in my dreams also. Tell me something about yourself, your hobbies, your aims in life, and your past... Have u ever dreamt of a young, dynamic, smart caring guy coming in ur life making it true . I want to know everything about u to build a relationship that never ends. Trust me I just dont believe in only looks but more importantly in ones nature. I believe We can live without something if we have someone to live for, So what do you think, let me know ur mind.. if you think its possible for you and I just sent me ur yahoo ID, so that we can get to chat with each other online and work out things ok..... so here is my yahoo id br_mrcy@yahoo. com. rememember, In the presence of hope faith is born. In the presence of faith love becomes a possibility. Bye..micheal

Ummn-I dont know--this guy may be THE ONE!!!



Hide.. Literally! said...

Yes be afraid - make up a new email address and reply to his email with your new "protective email address" that way if it is spam and he is fake then you don't get 100 more from somewhere that knows your responded. My mom always told me if I question if it's real - it isn't..

Let me know how it turns out..

Lynnbug said...

I think I might just leave it alone--he is most likely crazy!

Jodi said...

Hello! I just wanted to say that I received this very same exact letter through MySpace - oddly, the same picture on his profile was used for another 'gentleman' that had emailed me through MS just last week - his name at that time was Barry.

I always do a Google search on the address - that's how I found you here. But, yeah, don't respond as it all gets data based and 'this one responded' no matter if you just called them out on their scam...we won't get into that fun I had earlier! hehe

Go with the 'he's most likely crazy' thought!

Lynnbug said...

Jodi--you mean Im not the only one?!?!?!? And here I thought I was special!!!

Im not going to respond. It just seemed so weird to weird.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I just got the exact same email to myYearbook profile, but from a female. I wanted to varify the poem so I did a search on google and a link brought me to the email you posted. So to say that it is scam would be an understatment! I had to add my comments that its not worth it to even reply to find out if its real.