Friday, November 14, 2008

Foto Finish Friday

Im board to play Foto Finish Friday! I got the idea from Linda who got it from Carrie's blog. I am not the best picture taker, but I have a couple of my babies that I thought I would use.

This is my Lucky relaxing in the grass. She is my biggest fan!

Then there is Lucy. She loves this basket and is getting so fat she can barely fit in it anymore. But somehow she manages to wedge hershelf in there. She isnt much for photos. She could care less if you ever took a picture of her.

I dont take enough pictures of these two. I should be ashamed. The thing about pets is they love you no matter what. They just dont care what is going on, they always think you are the best.


Linda said...

Love the pics, Lynn!
You are so right about animals. Forest is sooo excited to see me, even if I've just run to the store. You would think that he hadn't seen me in ages, and it's a great feeling to be so loved!!
I used to have a cat, that commandeered a basket that was on the counter for fruit.Had to give up putting bananas in there after the cat took it over! HA HA!

Jennifer said...

Aw--they're cute!!

wilben said...

Get pics.
love your cat it looks like mine her name is Scampy and she sure runs this house.

Lynnbug said...

Thanks ya'll! And thanks for reading my blog!