Saturday, December 13, 2008

Deep Thoughts --- Not!

It is Saturday! I am off from Wally World tonight and this afternoon I am going to do some much needed cleaning of the house. I know, I know, it doesnt sound too exciting does it? But it does to me. I havent been able to get to the tough stuff in a while and when I look around at all that needs to be done I get kinda grumpy. The only remedy to that is to clean it. I also have some clothes to wash and sheets to change on the bed. I think it is time to pull out the flannel sheets. Yeah--that sounds pretty cozy.

Not much has been going on with me lately. Let's see, Lucy killed yet another mouse. I have thought about it a lot and I think she is going upstairs and finding them. Ithink they are in the part of my apartment that I dont rent/use. It is sort of closed off from my part and it is FULL of junk. At least she kills them. I would just die if I saw a live one. Hell, I almost die when I see a dead one.

I got all my Christmas shopping done last night. I didnt do a whole lot of Christmas shopping this year. I dont have a lot of money and I sure dont have the time. But I did get Owen and Kenzy's presents. Owen is getting Horton Hears a Who with Jim Carrey. I have seen snippets of this movie on the TV in electronics that is playing the blue ray version. If you havent watched blue ray yet, then you are really missing something cool. I dont see how technology can do any better than this. Kenzy is getting a water/snow globe for Christmas. She is fascinated by mine and me and Amber decided it was time to start her a collection of something and water/snow globes were what we agreed on. Now I say I am finished shopping but I might pick them up some house shoes also. They have some really cute Dora and Spiderman ones at Wally World. Momma is getting a semi-original painting by Lynn. I say semi-original because even though I painted it, it is a copy. I also got bossman, boss lady and boss daughter their presents. I got one other mystery gift for a mystery person and they will know who it is when they receive it.

Okay--here is something funny that happened at work. At least I think it is funny:

We had a safety meeting in the training room at work Thursday. The room was pretty full and there were some new employees doing training on the computers while the meeting was going on. The store manager was conducting the meeting. I am trying to be real attentive and serious because I am new and I want to make a good impression. I was perched right up front directly to the side of the store manager. Because I wanted to make sure he saw me and was impressed. Impressed with what I dont know, but I thought it was important to look interested in a boring ass meeting. Behind me were the trainees on the computers. They werent paying us much attention because they were busy training, of course. All the sudden, in the middle of the meeting, during one of those breaks in conversation and all was relatively quiet, training employee guy raises up his leg and lets go a big one! FART! He continues on with his training as if nothing out of the normal had happened. He didnt miss a beat, he didnt even come close to breaking his stride.
Now I ask you, how hard is it for me to remain serious and attentive in order to make a good impression when something like this happens? Very hard, very, very hard.

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