Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sundays The Way They Are Supposed To Be

Im sitting here relaxing and drinking my coffee just the way I like it -- coffee with my favorite Southern Butter Pecan coffee creamer with original Coffee Mate and two equals. Aint nuthin better. This morning I have put on some homemade chicken and rice soup and I am drying the clothes in the dryer for the second time. Just to get the wrinkles out because I left them in there yesterday. I may leave them again. I havent decided. I am wallowing in relaxation with the smell of chicken soup in the background.

I got the house clean yesterday. I cant tell you what it has done for my attitude. Also, I went to the shoe store to try to find something that I could weat on my feet that wouldnt hurt. My feet have been my biggest problem at Wal-mart. Good tennis shoes is what I have been told to get. I have a problem wearing those because even if my feet dont hurt, my feet dont like shoes. They get blisters all over them. I went to look anyway, knowing I couldnt afford any really "good" tennis shoes because that translates to at least $100.00.

I found something else. A shoe called Scrubs. With a tag line that said "The prescription for good feet health." Well that sounds good. They look like Crocks. They feel like heaven. They support my feet and they are very soft all around my foot. I have never seen these. That isnt unusual, my shoe closet is mostly flip flops. No designer stuff there. I am not up on the latest trend in shoes so these may be really popular. They had a lot of them so maybe they are. The lady at the checkout told my her mom has a terrible time with her feet and she works a school lunch room. She said these did the trick for her. So I am anxious to get to work and try these babies out. I have high hopes people. Did I mention they were only $12.99? If they work I will get another pair.

Lucky and I had a great time sharing our love and playing last night. It was a long time coming and she seems more content today. Unfortunately, the next three days will be the 16 hour ones, but Wednesday I am off all day. I plan to do nothing but spend time with her and Lucy and go see Owen and Kenzy. I miss all my babies terribly.

I also need for someone to get their phone back and you know who you are!


Linda said...

Sounds like heaven, Lynn. Chicken soup? Yummy.I think I can smell it!
I use Coffee Mate Cinnamon Bun in my coffee. In fact I have a cup right here, right now.
It DID snow. In fact I'm gonna go take a picture and post it on my blog. It's heavenly. The only thing I don't like is that the grands won't be coming over because of it. Misty doesn't want to risk her precious cargo in case it gets slick. I don't blame her, but it would have been fun to make a snowman with them!
I hope those shoes work out for you. That would be perfect at that price!!
The someone should have her phone tomorrow. I've been tracking it for her through UPS, and it shows it's supposed to be delivered Monday. What a rip off. They totally lied to her on Friday. She told them she needed it on Saturday, and they put her on hold.
Came right back and told her Okay.
I poo pooed that idea right away. Saturday delivery is expensive and isn't even available in all areas.
They just said it to appease her.
Well back to watching Fred Claus (which is an excellent movie if you haven't seen it)

Anonymous said...

I"m here LYnn.
I haven't left the house since wednesday. Call me a wienie but i refuse to leave the house with the kids without my phone. I don't like the idea of my posse not knowing where I am.It scares me. I mean anything could happen, an no one would know. I should have my phone by tomorrow like Linda said. I have been through hell with this company.
They totally have dicked me around. What a nightmare.
I look forward to being able to talk to all my friends and support system again.
Love the idea of the shoe,you need to post a pic.
Love ya

Lynnbug said...

I have seen Fred Claus and love it! They play it constantly on the Blu Ray DVD player at work. Christmas cards are getting mailed today you girls.

Dont blame you Denise--I would not leave my house without the phone especially since most of the time you are walking. It is just too dangerous, especially this time of year.

thecoconutdiaries said...

I'd never heard of those shoes. I almost want to buy a pair but I CANNOT get past how UGLY Crocs are! They could feel like kittens are stroking my toes and I just can't get over their un-cutesness!

Lynnbug said...

They do have a certain level of un-cuteness! But I was able to get past it. Thankfully!