Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Great Escape

Working 15 - 16 hours a day does not leave much time for blogging. It doesnt leave a lot of time for anything. So when Lucky made her great escape on Friday, I almost went over the edge. I dont have time for to do this. To disrupt my day.

I went home from the office to let her out on her chain and do the few things I need to do before reporting to work at Wally World. Things like go to the bathroom, check and make sure I have my meds, pull together my supper and just relax for 5 minutes. I got in the door and reached for the leash I use to take her out to her chain and I look around and the little girl is STANDING OUTSIDE the door looking in at me. She had this devilish look on her face like "Ha! I tricked you I am loose! I am free!" And then she took off.

She ran through across the parking lot of the office, she ran through the field, through the woods, through back yards. At one point I though I had her corralled in a fenced area, but no. She cut around me and made a mad dash out. She was free again. I called her, I begged her and I tried to lure her with cookies. My boss lady came with her car and we chased her with it.
She was having a time. I was running out of time.

People I cant run. My knees dont allow it. I could not catch her. Picture me struggling to keep up with this 55 pound dog that is playing chase. Through weeds and briars and people's yards that I have never met. I went hysterical because here it was time to leave for work and she was not co-operating. I finally gave up. I yelled "Fuck you" at her and got into the car to go back to my house and go to work. She was standing 3 feet from me but when I would go to grab her she would run. I didnt have a choice. I was going to have to leave her to her own devices. That is not good because she makes stupid choices. If she got killed on the highway I would be devastated. I was blubbering and crying and totally losing my mind. I actually was being quite silly.

I turn around and look back to see where she is after I got into the car. Lucky is running down the highway chasing the car! That was when I realized what a game this all was to her. She was wanting to keep playing chase. I also realized she was most likely going to get hit by traffic. But she didnt. We got back to the office and she runs up into the parking lot. I finally got her by opening the office door and she ran in. At this point the game was over in her mind, it was time to rest.

She was in trouble. I spanked her, and then felt guilty about it. After all this was my fault. Lucky is used to running and being in open spaces. The fence in the backyard is still not fixed even though I have "meant" to get to it. The backyard is huge and would be great. Also, since I am never home she doesnt get out as much as she used to. She is just so restless like any dog her size would be.

Ken is going to fix the fence and I hope sooner than later. If this doesnt solve the problem I am afraid I will be forced to find her a more suitable home. I totally do not want to do that. She loves me, I love her.

Maybe we will figure it out and get through all this together. No more escapes though. I couldnt take it.


Linda said...

Oh damn, Lynn!! Forest has done this a few times, too! (ask Denise-Bruce told her he wouldn't run off when she went to put him on the chain, and he sure did--laughing all the way at this stranger calling him back)
I can imagine the panic. I have looked like a mad woman chasing that damn dog, and I too am sure that he will run out in the street and get hit. Bruce takes the attitude "F him dumb dog", but he would be crushed if anything really happened.
I know you didn't mean it about sending her to a more suitable home. That dog would die without you.....

Denise said...

Oh shit Lynn! I am glad that you were able to finally cGood to catch her. As for Forest... Linda is right. She asked me to let the dog out and Bruce did say he wouldn't run off. I about had a heart attack chasing him down the damn sidewalk at 6:30 in the morning in my pj's!
Good times hahah.

Lynnbug said...

This is the second time she has done this in the last month. Each time it was hell. She is so fast and strong and I am so weak and slow. I guess you can say the old grey mare aint what she used to be--that is me to a tee.

thecoconutdiaries said...

Oh, to be a dog so you can run and jump and play

Lynnbug said...

She just should run, jump and play when I dont have the time--but wait--she doesnt realize that does she? LOL