Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sometimes It Just Isnt Worth It

I think since I started working two jobs, all I have to blog about are my gripes. Today is no exception. Two jobs may not be worth it. My day goes like this:

  • Up at 6:30--smoke cigarette and get in shower to get to work by 8 o'clock.
  • Work at office until 1 o'clock
  • Go give Lucky some time outside and then leave and get to work by 2 o'clock.
  • Work at Walmart until 11 o'clock and get home by 11:30 pm.
  • Unwind, let dog out, soak feet or whatever else needs to be done until 12:30 pm.
  • Go to bed at 12:30 pm and sleep.

Then I start over. Now during that "free" time I have, I wash clothes, eat and try to make sure Lucky gets as much outside time as I can give her. She doesnt get a lot of time with me and you can tell she is not happy about it. She told me so the other night. The cat doesnt care. Lucy marches to the beat of her own drum. Thank God I dont have to feel guilty about her.

I am tired and I have only been doing this 4 weeks. I am thinking I may quit my office job after the first of the year. I will make my decision when I get paid at Walmart and I find out if they are going to keep me. If I dont quit the office, I am going to cut it down to 2 half days a week. That will pay for my car payment.

To make things even more unbearable, bossman at the office has been in one foul mood. He is angry at everything from the temperature of the room to the corrupt city council in Birmingham to what he had for supper last night. You name it, he has nothing good to say about it. He has used so many racial slurs in the past week I want to scream. He does that a lot, but it is worse when his mood is bad. I hate the N word and he has used it liberally the past couple of days. When you say something to him, his response is that there are a lot of white N's. Right. Im sure that is what you mean when you use that word.

I dont want to paint him as terrible either. He has done a lot for me. He is a good man. I think he is just part of all the tiredness I feel right now. I am complaining because he is taking out his bad health on me and then I turn around and find fault with everything he says and does because I am tired. So, I guess I am as guilty as he is.

My work week is at least 6 days long and sometimes 7 days depending on how the schedule is at Walmart. That is too much for this old lady. I am definitely going to look into the situation as soon as possible.

I need a vacation already.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there girlie, I am rooting for you. Don't make any rash decisions when you are tired or hungry. I do think that cutting down to two half days is a good idea though. Btw I am without a cell phone probably until Friday so don't worry if you can't get a hold of me. This is my second replacement phone in a week! I had to send it back before they would even replace it.
Love ya!

Hide.. Literally! said...

You are such an amazing woman, I do about 55 hours a week in 5 days and think I have room to complain. Keep your chin up now, and your feet up whenever you can. And as far that the gold star award goes you get it - because I don't care how good my boss is to me if the N word was mentioned I would blow up without hesitation. I'm sure your boss is older and set in his ways - but it's wrong and there's no way I could stand to listen to it. It's just like if someone uses the F word (with 3 letters not 4) or the C word.. It sets me off fast. You are always in my thoughts and prayers gorgeous! Love ya!