Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Plans/resolutions For 2009

Should I even try for New Year's resolutions? I never keep them. I make a half-hearted attempt to accomplish them and it last about 2 days and I just kick all resolutions to the curb. What I am going to do is make a list of resolutions I should make and then go from there and see which ones I can realistically keep.

Here goes nothing:

  1. Lose weight--about 50 pounds
  2. Quit smoking--entirely
  3. Go visit Denise and finally meet her face to face
  4. Become an astronaut
  5. Go vegetarian-again
  6. Get married or laid - whichever comes first
  7. Be a better daughter
  8. Take a week long vacation--please link to number 3
  9. Buy my very own computer
  10. Advance at my job or just go out and get a better one
  11. Check blood sugars more often instead of ignoring them

Okay--that is eleven things I should try to do. Strike out 1, 2, 4 (for obvious reasons), 6, 11. That leaves 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Since 8 is linked to 3 you can strike one 8 out. Number 5--well I could do that but I am not motivated--so strike that. Number 9 is largely dependant on 10 because of financial reasons. Go ahead and strike 9, I may figure out how to keep this cheap one from the office for free or nearly free. Just forget 11 altogether. I prefer to ignore and just shut up and dont bitch at me about it. Seven is easy--I try that one everyday so it shouldnt even be a resolution. I just wrote it down to sound good. Strike it, it doesnt count. Number 10--I most likely will do that - look for a better job mostly because I want to still have feet by the end of the year.

Number 3 looks like the one I will be really going for. It may take longer than I would like, but I will do this before 2009 is over and forgotten!

edit: I totally forgot about 6! I guess that pretty much says it all.


thecoconutdiaries said...

I vote for getting laid!

Linda said...

Ha Ha HA!!
Get laid and visit Denise! Maybe at the same time!! (sorry-couldn't resist :d )

Denise said...

Hahaha Linda! Lynn you so need to visit! Maybe you and Linda can visit me at the same time. It is her turn to come to Sac town.