Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!!!!!!!!

It is Friday Foto Finish Fiesta courtesy of Carrie. In fact, it is the first foto finish of the year. So in honor of firsts, I am going back in time -- way back in time.

This is a picture of me when I was little posing with Daddy and my brother Chris. My little sister Kim is not pictured. I dont know if she wasnt born yet, but if she was she was still in the baby blob stage. I am trying to restore this particular photo. It has a hole in it and it is very wrinkled. I dont know how well I will do at it, but so far it is a lot better than it was. Daddy was a handsome man. That couch is one of those 60's couches that was supposed to be a fake type of leather. I think nauga hide ( I am sure that is not how it is spelled, but that is how the word sounds - in southern anyway.)

I was a cute little thing. Not sure what happened to me! I do see I have that little fat role between my upper leg--it was cute then--not so much now. Yeah, I still got that fat roll--just bigger now.


Emily said...

What a treasure! A beautiful picture!

Karen said...

Precious memories. I love those old photos from the past.

Z's Mom said...

What a great are not fat in that photo by the way..... :)

Linda said...

So, so cute!!