Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Bachelor Update

Last nights show started off pretty good. Jason took Stephanie on a one-on-one date. Stephanie is the girl that my heart breaks a little bit for. She lost her husband in a fatal plane crash and her daughter was 10 weeks old. Anyway, it was her daughters birthday and he surprised her with a visit for her daughters. They spent the entire day together at the beach and a place called Lego Park. Lego Park was pretty cool looking and Im sure extremely awesome for a 3 year old. It was a family type date and a really good date. There wasnt any heavy petting because that would not have appropriate with the daughter there. Stephanie was so happy and grateful. When she saw her daughter she just screamed and ran up to her and rolled on the sand with her. They got wet in the water--both her and Jason - it impressed me that playing with her daughter was more important than staying all prettied up for the date. I almost cried. It was touching and real.

The rest of the show was typical. He did take another girl on a one-one-one. I call her the material girl. He liked her. He was attracted to her. But at the end of the date he couldnt even kiss her because he knew she was not the one. So she didnt get a rose and was sent home. She was mad! REALLY mad! She told him she couldnt understand why he was sending her home and leaving all the really mean girls there. So that raised some questions for Jason about what was going on in the house. Come on Jason! It is the same thing that always goes on in the house. Cat fights! Jealousy! Stupidity!

At the rose ceremony the girl with the horse teeth was so upset she puked in the bathroom almost the entire time. She looked washed out, her hair was a mess and I'm sure she smelled sour from puking all night. At one point you could could actually hear her puking and the toilet flushing. Too much for me. Kinda gross and I would have rather that been left to my imagination. I's sure that today as she watches the show she feels the same as I do. But in the end, he kept her there anyway. I don't understand why he keeps her. She is stalker like, she is insecure and she needs to get a grip on herself. She is acting like she is 5 years old.

Two other ladies went home without drama. I don't think it was that big a deal for them at this point. Which is reasonable, but there are still those who would have thrown freaking fits if they had been sent home. I still havent picked who I think would or should be proposed to. As much as I like Stephanie, I dont think it is her. And I sure dont think it is Ms. Horse Teeth. No more word on when or if Deanna will return. I think it will be close to the end. More drama that way.

This year there were no brown women at all in the mix. I think this must be the first year there were none from the get go. It makes me wonder if that was Jason's decision or the shows decision. They dont tell you how they determine who to pick for bachelorettes. I sometimes wonder if they try to get some that will cause drama and silliness just for the sake of ratings. This in lieu of trying to find the best match for the bachelor. I do agree with my friend the coconut, who stated to me that she felt like the show needed a brown bachelor. I think they need to show a more diverse group of people. I would also like to see a show that features older bachelors and bachelorettes. Get away from what people percieve as perfection. Use someone who is more of an average American. You know, someone like me. LOL!


thecoconutdiaries said...

Yeah for my weekly update! You almost make me want to watch the show but then I know I'd crush all the romantic moments with questions like, What woman owns THAT many evening gowns? What the heck do they eat? Do they cook? Is there a chef? How do they explain their absence to their bosses?

Lynnbug said...

You know one of the chicks that has already left said she QUIT HER JOB to come there! WTF! I have all those same questions. Maybe I will research that and post about it next time. Thanks for the idea!