Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Did It Myself

The Cutest Blog on The Block website has been down for over a week but it is back up now. I was very happy to see that. So now you see my latest facelift for my blog. I kind of like it--well, I love it. Im not going to lie.

I hope I can remain satisfied with this background for a while. I changed it over the holidays and I havent been satisfied since I started trying to change it back. It didnt help that my favorite background site was down. I never lost any sleep over it but I came close a time or two.

I finally fixed the gates in my back yard yesterday. I have lived here almost a year and I have been putting that chore off too long. I have been waiting on Ambers husband to do it, but he is just too busy with side jobs and raising his family. (I have never told him that Amber considers me the glue that holds the family together and that puts me right on the top level of importance in the family. So, I should come first always.)

Lucky got off her chain again the other day. She ran into the back yard and I leaned the gates up on both entrances and it fooled her. She thought she couldnt get out. (Sometimes when you think like a dog it is easy to trick them.) But what she did made me realize how much she needed her back yard. She ran. She played. She threw sticks. She smiled. I ought to have my ass kicked for not fixing this fence before now.

I bought some really long nails and I went out and tackled this chore on my own. I also got me some long wire. The long wire was used to create a make-shift latch. I have to figure out later how to get a latch attached to a brick wall. But I got the gates up and now Lucky has a place to play. She loves it. I am so happy for her. I am also happy that I was able to do it myself even if it does look really bad. It looks like a woman who has hardly ever used a hammer did it. Nailing nails is not easy. Especially big, long nails. I had several to just bend on me halfway into the boards. That blowed. So I would have to start over with another nail. Thank God I bought a lot of them. Now there are a lot of bent nails in the boards because I just left them there. Also, it was a little chilly outside. Around 30 degrees. I was bundled up, but my hands were cold and my ass got cold when I had to sit down on the ground to nail the lower nails. I cant bend over anymore to do stuff like that, those days are gone.

Ah--the things you do for love.


Denise said...

Love the pic of the dalmation dog.
Like I told you, I can't believe that you fixed the fence! I would have paid good money to see that or at least pulled up and chair, and a drink and laughed at you.

Lynnbug said...

I thought about you saying that while I was doing it. It made me press on and get it done! I wish you would have been here to watch. It would have been fun cuz I would have given you a hard time for not helping!