Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Need Some Support Here Please

I dont know if I'm just not popular or if most people do not realize I have added the feature "Follow This Blog" to my page. It's there, on the right. I have four followers right now. I want more. I think more than four people read me, even though I dont have a lot to say. I'm gonna step out here with a huge risk and ask people to click on the feature and follow my blog. I dont have to have as many followers as some of the really great bloggers I read. I know I'm not in their league. But I would like to have more than 4. Four seems so lonely. But to the four who follow my blog I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because you have truly made my day and life more complete.

The reason it is a huge risk is because it is very likely no one is reading and therefore, no one will click on "Follow This Blog." That would be a very upsetting thing that could drive me right into my bed to pout and moan and groan over how awful it is that I have no blog followers and should just go into corner and eat worms. So even if you stumbled over my blog by accident when you googled dogs, panties or condoms, go ahead and do my a favor and click on "Follow This Blog." That way I will appear popular to the naked eye. It will make me feel better. You will be helping me continue on my path of mental stability and growing self-esteem. It is better to have fake followers than none at all.

So click on "Follow This Blog" damnit!


Linda said...

Oh Lynn! I am a follower, so I added myself. Sorry I didn't do that sooner.
Denise and I have an inside joke about me "going private".We stumbled across another blog where the person mentioned the idea of going private,and said person never got more than like 2 comments. I laughed, more out of embarrasement for said person because seriously, it would be like me saying the same thing.

My few readers are fine with me though. I would feel tremendous pressure to be smart and funny and always have something to say.Which I don't. Now that's not saying that sometimes my feelings aren't a tad bit hurt (just a tad though) when I comment on anothers blog and actually steer them to read a specific post---and they DON'T.

And then I laugh and laugh, because I am a legend in my own mind. And sometimes that's enough for me!! HA HA

Lynnbug said...

Your a legend in my mind too! I have no need to go privatgeg either! LMAO!

But I think your blog is extremely interesting. I love it. I am one of your biggest fans!

Jackie said...

I've been a follower for a good while. I work like crazy all morning and when I stop to eat lunch at my desk, I read the news and your blog. I'm from Huntsville, AL, transplanted to Omaha, NE. But Alabama is home, of course. Your blog is like a warm trip home every day. thank you for blogging! I really like being a follower, because when I posted my photo it got stretched vertically and I look thinner than I really am. jackie

Denise said...

Well I am a follower Lynn. You have more followers then me haha. I don't have any. Talk about being a legend snicker. Oh and Linda is right. That poor girl who wanted to go private.... She doesn't really need too.

Lynnbug said...

Jackie--thank you for your sweet comments! It is nice to meet you. Huntsville is a wonderful town.

Denise, let the poor girl dream! For now, I know there is no reason to go private and most likely I never would. I would have to have an extreme circumstance - much like you did.