Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting Excited Leads To Getting Let Down

I finally got DSL at my apartment. I was extremely excited and the guy came today to hook it up. That is when I found out that they didnt send a frickin wireless router/modem. They send a single hub modem. That is what he called it anyway. I didnt know there was a difference so I got to learn something new today. I asked for a wireless router/modem so I could be WIRELESS. I have a laptop. I want to use the Internet anywhere in my apartment. Right now I have it all hooked up. The phone line is long enough to go anywhere in the room. The power cord is short. I dont have a desk. So here I sit, hunched over the laptop blogging. Did I say how much this sucks? Well, it does.

So I call AT&T. That is a fucking nightmare. It is one of those voice response phone systems that never understands anything you say. Im screaming into the phone at a recording. The recording is saying "Im sorry, I didnt hear your response. Please say things like phone service, repairs, technical help or orders". I try again. "I'm sorry, but our operators are trained in many areas, we need to know the reason of your call to transfer you properly. Please say something like help, phone service, billing." Aggghhhhh!

Train someone to answer the damn phone! Wouldnt that be a novel idea?

I did finally get someone, after not answering or responding to anything they somehow miraculously got me to someone trained to send out the right modem/router.

Until 2-3 business days, I will be crouched over my laptop unless I get a better plan. Maybe pull out an extension cord? Wires will be every where but anything is better than this. The power cord is like 2 feet long. So much for my desire to be wireless.


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