Monday, January 26, 2009

The Bachelor Update

I want to start out answering a couple question from Coconut. She wanted to know a lot of things I want to know. Sadly, I have been unable to find the answers to a lot of out questions. But I did find out that the girls get up a 9:00 a.m. every morning. They exercise and workout--mostly water aerobics. I interpret that to mean they swim a lot in the pool and do arm lifts with luscious mixed drinks. When the date box arrives we dont hear much and neither do they. They only get to told what would be appropriate to wear. The dates lasts different amounts of time based on what they will be doing. The trip to Lego Land with Stephanie and her daughter last week lasted all day. A grocery list is made every day and they get pretty much what ever they want. Sweet! I would love it even if I didnt get chosen for a date. Just let me go for a couple weeks. I promise I wouldnt even try to compete, I would just relax and lay low and belly up to the bar whenever possible.

Tonights show was very emotional. There was so much jealousy and blubbering it was ridiculous. There was a one on one date--he took her to his "house" and they ate hamburgers and sat on the floor. Very intimate. Then he took her outside and there was a fire and a tent. They mad smores and he gave her the date rose. Therefore, she was safe. I guess that because she was safe, she decided it would be okay to spend the night in the tent with Jason. I probably would have done the same thing. given the wine, the fire, the grilled burgers. Hell, that is right up a southern girls alley! Plus she got to wear Jason's clothes home. Now how cool would that be to go home in his clothes and make Horse Teeth puke again?

The group date was a trip to the set of General Hospital! Get out! I LOVE General Hospital and that alone would have been a dream come true. They only showed two of the actors which was Spinelli and Maxi. If you dont watch the show you dont know who the characters are but if you do, well, then you do. I personally would have loved to see Sonny, Jax or Jason. Also Carly. But I would have settled for what I got. Besides, they may very well have gotten to meet them. But I digress.

This is where everyone started the blubbering and jealous crap. There were scenes with every girl and almost every scene the girls got to kiss Jason. It wasnt even a romantic kiss. They were instructed that on the set it is an open mouth kiss, no tongue. HUGE let down for sure. The director was yelling cut and everyone watching. Camera men were every where. So it was sort of amazing to me that everyone got so jealous they cried. GMAFB. After the trip to the set they had a wrap party at a nice restaurant that was reserved just for them. That was when Horse Teeth got alone with Jason and really showed her ass. She cried and buried her head in his lap and begged the guy to take her home with him and let her raise his son and be his wife. She said please about a million times. She literally had snot running out of her nose and then of all things she blew her nose. It sounded really wet and honking. Then she made matters worse by twisting up the end of the napkin and running it up each nostril then wiping her face and lips. Then she tried to kiss him and he pulled back. I would have too. After all, she had just wiped her mouth with a snot rag and actually left some of the napkin on her lips. This girl is such a basket case. I dont know why she was even still there. But this was definately the highlight of the show for me. I was at least laughing.

There was also a 2 on 1 date. On this date, one of the girls would go home. Stephanie from Huntsville was one of the girls and the other girl was the exotic girl and I cant remember her name. It doesnt matter though because she didnt get the rose and she went home. I was really surprised because I do not see a romantic connection for Jason with Stephanie. He thinks she is a wonderful lady and I think she is too. But I dont see a spark. There may be but I dont see it. The way they edit this show you never really know.

The rose ceremony was awesome! He got to the last rose and three girls were left. He didnt give it out. He sent the last three home! They were shocked and I was so pleased because I didnt like any of the last three. Horse Teeth was among those three. It is a good thing, I could not have endured another week of blubbering or vomiting on this show. On her way out the door she said she was going home to use her electric tooth brush and french kiss her dog! Im sure Jason is really glad he didnt kiss her now.

Next week the five remaining go to Jason's home town of Seattle. At the rose ceremony he tells the girls he has to talk to one other person and I think it is going to be Deanna!

I cant wait to see the claws come out!


thecoconutdiaries said...

OMG! Where did you get all that info from?? I watched a bit of the show last night- I flipping between it and DietTribe.

So Nikki, the girl who was sent home after the 2-on-1 date, is effing crazy. "Oh, did I forget to mention I was with someone for 11 years and have not dated anyone since?" That's crazy talk.

The mom who did get the date. Lay off the botox sweetie!

The only girl I liked was the one from Canada. The rest of them can suck it.

Lynnbug said...

The girl that got the date was Stephanie--she is the one I like but dont think is right for Jason. They just dont seem to have chemistry. But I like her, she has had a really hard time. And I agee, I almost fell in the floor when she told him she hadnt dated since the break up of her 11 year relationship. I think that is when he decided she wasnt ready and let her go.

Hide.. Literally! said...

I just want Deanna, is that too much to ask really. I love her! She's so down to earth and fun!!