Monday, January 5, 2009

The Joy of Doing Almost Nothing

I have been off work from both jobs for two days! It feels like a vacation to me. I have talked on the phone for hours with my friends. I went to the grocery store and bought ingredients for homemade vegetable soup. Fresh ingredients. It was soooo good. I have some left and I am trying not to eat it all. Because I could, you know. My vegetable soup has potatoes, tomatoes, onions, corn, butter beans, carrots and cabbage in it. I tried to make this small pot of soup for one. Lets just say with every ingredient the pot grew until a larger pot had to be fished out from under the cabinet. (That was hard because I have a phobia of bottom cabinets, but that is another story.) I dont put meat in my vegetable soup. Daddy always said when you put meat in it the soup becomes stew. Which is good, but you cant call it vegetable soup, it is vegetable stew. So everybody mark down the proper name and get it right. You dont want to go down calling your stew the wrong thing.

Other than this I have been a slug for the last two days. I have on my Mickey Mouse pants and a tee shirt that doesnt match. I havent brushed my hair nor put on make up. I am one of those people that is so cheap that she wont wear make up unless I am going somewhere significant. That does not include the grocery store. That is not significant enough. I cant waste good make up for just anything. What I do plan to do today is take a long hot bubble bath. I dont get a lot of time for that since when I work my days are 16 hours long. There is nothing like a good hot bubble bath to relax in.

Does anybody here do Facebook? I dont understand it. I made a Facebook page a long time ago. Now all the sudden everyone I went to high school with is popping out of the wood work. But they dont talk to me. They just send friend requests and then communication is over. I have a ton of "friends" that I dont known how I got them and they dont talk to me. I kind of expected a "Hi! How you doin! How's your Mom and them!." It is just weird. I was wondering if these requests were like some type of automatic thing Facebook pulls from the information you give them? I mean, I would post something to these people (some I dont even remember) but I dont want to look like an idiot. I wasnt popular in high school and I dont see myself as being popular with these people now. So I am asking how this thing works. It is a lot different from Myspace. And Myspace is just prettier. Facebook--not so pretty. No way to make it pretty as far as I can tell.

I did get this invitation from one girl to water her flowers in her garden. So I thought, what the heck? I'll water her flowers. So I go to do it and find out you have to download the application to your Facecbook profile and then BUY flowers to create your own garden in order to water her garden! Supposedly you help save the rain forest. Right. I bet. I hate to sound like I hate the rain forest or anything, but I be damned if I am going to pay for fake flowers to fake water them to save the real rain forest. I'm to cheap to waste my money on something like that. I dont even believe you save anything except the guy who created the application for chumps like me. He is probably laughing all the way to the bank. I wonder why I cant be creative enough to think of stuff like that to make tons of money. Geez. So needless to say I have an application on my Facebook that doesnt have any flowers in it and I cant figure out how to remove it and now I think my Facebook page is jacked up.

The story of my life. Jacked up.


Denise said...

Being a slug is one of my fave past times. In fact I did that today while talking to you hahah. Don't do face book and dont care. Don't eat vegtable soup with or without meat so don't make it when I come to visit k?

Lynnbug said...

If you dont act right I will make it!

thecoconutdiaries said...

You just described my vacation for the last 2 weeks (minus the being productive and making food part). Being back at work, getting up, putting on clothes that aren't ripped or wrinkled sucks.

And Facebook. Yeah, you can't make your stuff as pretty as you can with myspace and all the people I didn't talk to in high school are interested in talking to me now. Sort of. It's the whole "Oh, THERE you are! Here's everything awesome in my life. Hope you're well. That's all." and you never hear from them again.

It's not you.

And I ignore all the superpokes and rain forest crap. If you can juggle the 2, keep facebook for connections and myspace for pretty. Most people have both anyway.

Lynnbug said...

I will keep them both. But I think I like Myspace for the pretty. Facebook just doesnt jingle my bells.