Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jason--The Bachelor is Back

This show is one of my guilty pleasures. Every year I say I will not watch it again, and yet, I do. I am always amazed at the way these women go ga-ga over the guy. Last night was no exception. Some of the women were even throwing the word "love" and "marriage" out there. Like they are totally ready to take a leap into a marriage with a guy they just met! Right! I automatically x the girls off my list when they even mention that so early in the show. The first night--spoke to him about 2 minutes. Love. Right. Divorce is what you mean.

I really like this bachelor though. I wanted Deanna to pick him last year. But she didnt and the twist this year is they bring her back. Time will tell if it is for one show or not. They have been saying he does get married at the end of this show. If he doesnt marry Deanna I would want him to marry any of the ones he picked last night. Of course, IMO the pickins were slim. Nobody stood out for except the crazy ones.

One girl was pretty scary. She had researched him to death. She started spouting off facts about him and his life that put a look of fear on his face. Then she would say she was totally not a stalker. Well, you coulda fooled me.

I think this season will give me a lot of giggles and WTF's to ponder. There will be the cat fight that I wouldnt miss for anything. The jealousy, the backstabbing---all good stuff. All in the name of being on a television show--I certainly dont think it is in the name of love.

Yep--this show is a mindless reality show that uses pretty mindless people. It is hard to believe that these women are executives, teachers, nurses, designers--pretty successful people. Then they get on a show and have a few glasses of champagne and show their asses.

I love it.


thecoconutdiaries said...

Well, I will be looking forward to your weekly Bachelor updates because I REFUSE to watch this show anymore. They had me up until Bob. I was SOOO rooting for his chubby charm to land him a good wife, until I realized even the fatties are superficial buttheads. Whatevs, Bob!

Then I said I'd only watch The Bachelorette's, until I noticed a trend...the brown contestants never make it very far!

I am protesting until they get a brown Bachelor. He'll probably still pick some siliconed, bleached-blond, 23 year old whose life ambition is to be a stay-at-home mom...

Lynnbug said...

You know I have to agree with you--I have thought the same thing about the brown contestants. I almost think they try to set them up to fail. I think they should be more realistic and show real people instead of all these beutiful plastic fake looking ones. I mean real women are all different colors and sizes and so are real men. I have dated all sizes and colors and each one had something different about them I found sexy and loveable. But it is a TV show and I enjoy just laughing at it. Because it is kind of stupid and sometimes I just love stupid!

thecoconutdiaries said...

I'm seriously relying on you for updates. Like how the heck are they weaving Deanna into the show??

Lynnbug said...

Oh--you will get updates--BTW I liked Deanna except her constant "blinking"" was very distracting and annoying to me.