Monday, February 2, 2009

The Bachelor Goes To Seattle

Tonight Im going to do this differently. I am going to post about the show as I watch. This is thanks to wireless technology that I just acquired. So maybe I can at least remember all the names in my sometimers mind.

Jason takes the last five bachlorettes to Seattle, his hometown. One of the girls will get a date with him and during that date will meet his son, Ty. I am sure this is the date every girl wants. Unfortunately, only one will get. We also get to see Jason's house. It is directly on the water and you have to walk down a pier to get to it. Very cool.

One group date and two romantic one-on-one dates. No roses will be given out on the dates. First date is with Melissa. She gets all ready in a strapless dress, tan lines and all. Jason calls when he is 1 hour late and tells her the night on the town has been turned into a casual evening at his house because Ty doesnt want his Daddy to leave him. She doesnt get to meet the boy, but he did let her peek in while he was sleeping and check him out. He wasnt ready to introduce her to him. But they make out a lot on the couch. Making out is one of the most important things on this show, but given the love he has for his son it would have said a lot if he had felt comfortable with Melissa meeting him.

Group date is next. Stephanie, Molly and Jillian. Yes, Coconut, Stephanie needs to lay off the botox. But I still like her a lot. But I dont think she is for Jason. The date consists of a boat ride and then they go to a radio station where Jason is interviewed on the air. They end the evening with dinner and drinks.

Naomi gets the final one-on-one date. It involves yet another plane ride. While plane rides are nice--hey are being a little "over done" this year. This is like the fourth or fifth time he has taken someone up in the air and I am beginning to get bored with it. Then they went to a sporting goods store which had a rock wall they climbed. They found an opportunity to make out while hanging 60 feet in the air - again making out is important. They evening ended with dinner and drinks in front of this HUGE fireplace! I think drinks are also very important, probably a close second to making out. IMO she made a big mistake when she told Jason her mother was an alcoholic and divorced her father when she was young. She told him she sees a lot of her mom in her. Red flag perhaps?

On the last day he goes and gets Jillian to have a heart to heart with her. He is unsure of her feelings and he wants to make sure she does have feelings for him. She cries and says all the right things. Kind of bored me. Every show always does this. I think this is a smoke screen designed to make us believe that this girls is the one when she isnt. I take it as a bad sign for the girl he does that to. Its just manufactured drama. One thing I found really interesting is that none of the girls met any of his family. I think this is a first. Previous shows the girls always met the bachelors family.

Rose Ceremony. The moment I have been looking forward to. Looks like whoever doesnt get a rose will not be going back to the house. They will leave straight from Seattle. Let the dramatic music begin.

He wants to talk to Naomi alone. DRAMA. Everyone is very uptight. He is afraid she is to young and not ready for being married and a ready made family. I tend to agree. No kissing--bad sign or smoke screen? More dramatic music. The pause-Jillian gets the first rose. Long pause--Melissa gets the second rose! Long, long pause--Molly gets the third rose. One rose left and Stephani and Naomi are left. The final rose--who will it be? Naomi gets the final rose. Stephanie is out. She is very sad but composed. He start crying and tells her that she is the most amazing person he ever met. Clearly, he thinks a lot of her. Everyone is crying. EVERYONE. She tells him he is incredible and thankful to have been there. She really has some class about her.

I almost shed a tear for her myself. Botox and all I think she did Huntsville, Alabama proud.

Next week the hometown visits!

Naomi is not for him. Maybe Jillian or Molly. I am not really into it being Melissa, as nice as she is. So far no Deana--probably a smoke screen too.


Hide.. Literally! said...

I watched it last night because I'm sick and had nothing better to do. The girl that left had to go. But the younger brown haired girl with the hot lips, sorry but they are hot - I think her name is Melissa. The one that had to stay home for the date.. I like her. My vote is still for Deanna though. My fingers are crossed..

thecoconutdiaries said...

Yeah! Beautiful recap as ever... I think I find Stephanie's botox so jarring because it makes her forehead so shiny. Note to self- invest in powder when applying botox. Yeah, I only saw the show once and I didn't feel a ton of chemistry between them. I'm still rooting for Jillian.

I think your helicopter observation is the the key to why these relationships never work after the show. You go from chocolate covered strawberries and prom gowns to sitting on the couch in boxers popping back zits and it takes a little luster off the relationship.

Jackie said...

When you watch the next Bachelor show, it might interest you to know that Melissa used to be, or still is, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader (or maybe everyone knows). I saw her a while back on their reality show. The show was kind of silly in a way, but I was amazed at how hard those girls trained and the self-discipline they had. On the Bachelor she was described as being in some sort of sales I think, but on the DC cheerleaders show, they all had other jobs or went to school too.