Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Will Snub You

I can snub people that are mean to me. I think it is fun and in their best interest. Otherwise I would probably say or do something that I would regret. Depending on my mental or physical health, my words and actions could vary in severity.

Last night at work I got to do it--snub someone for being an asshole. Every night around 10:30 the CSM's come around and collect our cash drawers and the all holy keys that we use to open the cases with merchandise. Last night I went to put my keys in the box just like I always do. Just like I was trained and instructed to do. The guy that was working told me not to put them in there. (He has never collected the cash drawers from me in the entire 2 months I have worked there.) I was a little confused at this so I asked him "Why not?" Without turning around to look me in the eye, he kept his back to me and said "Because I said so." Totally rude in my opinion! My co-worker and his co-worker were just standing there. Dead silence. So I walked over to the other side and started playing with a phone we have for sale and just ignored him.

A few minutes went by and he then decided to turn around and ask what time we ended our shift. He looked dead at me. I guess he thought his back wasnt intimidating enough. I said nothing, Out of courtesy I looked at him while he spoke, but I didnt respond. I immediately continued playing with the phone. Product testing I call it. Besides, as far as I was concerned no one was talking to me. He had to ask twice before my co-worker gave him his answer. Then he said that we should bring our keys to the front when we start to leave and clock out. No response from me - or my co-worker either. He got visibly irritated and said it again, louder. I never looked up.

Man! I love that phone!


thecoconutdiaries said...

You gotta give respect to get it, right?

Linda said...

Good for you! I think someone should give you that phone as a prize for the ultimate snub...