Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Bachelor

Dates with the last three are in New Zealand. Pretty cool place. Jason's first date was with Jillian. They went on a helicopter ride. The scenery was awesome. He thinks she could be his best friend. He also wants to know if there is passion. He wants more than being married to his best friend. Of course these dates are overnight dates and he is going to see if there is passion. And there was passion. There was so much passion I was really amazed that the hot tub scene was shown on prime time. I mean, it was HOT. In front of all those cameras. It was something else. Safe to say the date went well.

The next date was with Molly. I like Molly. They went bungee jumping. Not something he would ever get me to do. Not for money and certainly not for a man. But Molly did it. Bless her heart. I would have puked. I think they went back to the same place he took Jillian to. That to me is kinda tacky. The old sex pad. Kinda cheap to me. But regardless, it is an overnight date and this is a huge deal. Of course they spend the night together. She asked him to spend the night before he got the chance to ask her. He was shocked! Yeah, right. After all the previous seasons, this overnight crap is a given.

Final date is Melissa. He still troubled because he didnt get to meet her family. They go out on a lake in Winston Churchill's old boat. Again, the scenery is beautiful. They went to a private room at a restaurant for dinner. I dont think they went to the same place to spend the night. But they did spend the night together. All I got to say is Jason must have a lot of stamina.

I could have sumed this whole post up in less words. They went to New Zealand. There were three separate dates. They each spent the night together. They all love him. Jason can see all three women as his potential wife.

At the rose ceremony he sends Jillian home. I was not surprised. But from what I read on the Internet everyone else was.

Deanna has not shown up yet. That will be next week. There is so much speculation about the reason she comes back. Some say she wants him back, some say she is there to give him advice and tell him he made a mistake sending Jillian home. I dont know. What we are promised is that the final show will be shocking.

I liked Jillian. She really let him know what her dream has been about her life with him. He may very well have made a mistake. It wasnt until she actually left that I began to think he may have made a mistake. He seemed incredibly sad after she left. But he also said he wasnt falling in love with her. So much for that hot tub scene.

Also, next week they will still be in New Zealand and they will meet Jasons family.


Hide.. Literally! said...

Now that Jillian is gone.. I have one word for you. MELISSA! I hope when Deanna comes back it's not to stir things about her and not Jillian. Next week will be interesting!!

thecoconutdiaries said...

Ugh! I was watching the show on and off and thought for sure he was gonna send Melissa home after not meeting her parents. And the other one? She's not cute.

Bring back Jillian! Or he should get back with Deanna. It worked for Mary and that bachelor that fishes!!

Lynnbug said...

I like Melissa too. I agree - Molly is not that cute--I guess next week we will all see. Then comes my favorite show of all--"After the Final Rose Ceremony"! That is when all the truts come out!