Monday, February 16, 2009

I Need Someone To Sign My Bond

"This is a collect call from a correctional institution. Please press 1 if you would like to accept this call."

Lucky: I'm in jail. I got arrested and charged with eating my Momma's socks. This is my 3rd offense and my bail is $5,000. Please send money--I need to get out. The food is terrible and the other inmates are very loud. I cant even sleep at night and there is only 1 TV for 100 inmates. There is no such thing as treats. I miss my bed and I miss my toys. I can't stand it! I promise not to eat Momma's socks ever again. If you just get me out I will be good!

Mugshot--inmate #00332678AL


Hide.. Literally! said...

That is hilarious! And I'm glad that Kenyan isn't the only sock eater in this world cause I'm ready to turn him in - I'll show him Lucky's mug shot maybe that will teach him a lesson!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

If you can reduce that bond by $4,999.50, then I'll get you out!

Linda said...

Dear Lucky,
If I had a any money, I would so help a dude out.I don't even have my balls anymore, let alone cash. But hey. Stop with the socks. Go for the used kleenex in the wastebasket in the bathroom. It's already garbage, so you won't get in too much trouble.They just pull out that noisy machine that scares me and they take care of it. Stay out of trouble, pal.
(ha ha-my mom told me that my word verification is pityp-so appropriate)

Lynnbug said...

Ya'll are so funny! Lucky loves you as much as I do!