Monday, March 2, 2009

The Bachelor--Season Finale

This is supposed to be the most dramatic ending ever in The Bachelor history. I think the viewers will be the judge of that and I, for one, do not want to be disappointed. And I have been so far this season. The girls are to meet Jason's family tonight. They are still in Switzerland.

Melissa gets the first date. The first part of the date was with Ty and she got along with him well. That child is so outgoing I think he would get along with anyone that played with him. So I just dont see tihs one date being a testimonial for either girl. I think the test would be after like 3 months with a child and having to help care for him an entertain him. I dont know--that is just me. The day to day grind is what would tell me the most about how someone is going to get along with a child. Jason's family was a little touch on her - especially about the fact that he hasnt met her parents. I sensed that Melissa was a little uneasy around his family. She talked especially fast to his mother. She was definitely having a time thinking she was explaining the situation with her parents to her. I think they liked her even thoug they were really drilling her.
By the way - Jason said he was completely falling in love with her.

Next Molly was up to bat. It was slow with Ty at first but it got better and went well. Again, she says this gave her an idea of how being a family would be. But there is a lot more to it than a day at the beach. Molly has been around kids very much so I wonder if what she imagines is a reality. The family didnt hold back on her either. They liked her but they had some really tough questions. Molly didnt seem nearly as nervous with them as Melissa did.

Both girls got a last date. Melissa told Jason that her parents had called and they did want to talk to him. He made the phone call the next day. I think the call went well, He laughed a little. Molly gave Jason a really sensuous massage on their date. He, um, loved it.

Then here comes Deanna. Bam! She has gained a little weight, just sayin. I am not sure why she was there unless it was to give him advice. He clearly no longer wants her. Bye Bye Deanna! And get that blinking problem you have fixed! There is medicine for that!

The day is here, the ring is chosen. How do you choose one ring for two completely different women? He let Molly go. He was VERY torn up about it. Crying like a baby. In comes Melissa, she is so scared and looking so pretty. He proposes to her!

All is well, for now!

Now it is time for the "After The Final Rose" show.

Update--Jason is still in love with Molly and dumps Melissa on the show! What a cad! He should have done this before now! Kinda angry with the Golden Boy! She calls him a bastard and at the moment I cant blame her. Frickn National TV! He didnt even have the DECENCY to do it in private! But it is all about ratings - Im sure of it!

So he tells Molly about breaking up with Melissa and he asks for a shot with them. She is stunned and all she can say is "what about Melissa?" She is speechless. Rightfully so. How could she trust this? But in the end she accepts what he has to say and they are going to see where their relationship goes.

I am done with this show.


Hide.. Literally! said...

Amen.. Serene and I were so convinced that it was all staged when Chris asked Molly.. What would you do if he asked you for another chance. Ugh! Done and done - never again. He is a bastard! I loved Melissa and she had every right to come unglued at him - then she gets all nice in the car! Ugh! I would've let him have it - completely have it!

Lynnbug said...

That is my problem with the whole season. I think it was all staged and done so for ratings. I wont watch another staged reality show. That takes aways from the "reality" of it all.

coffee said...

they didn't need to fix the Bachelor finale; they only needed to let Jason act out on his instincts, which are that of a tool

Anonymous said...

I AM SO DONE WITH THIS SHOW! How the heck can Molly be all "Yeah, you dumped me in public but I'll totally take you back because you display no signs of inconsistency"