Monday, March 16, 2009

The Best Thing

I kept the twins Saturday night. But the best thing about keeping them was not all the fun we had. We played a lot of games and they got to eat anything they wanted. They got to get out all their toys and play with them and leave them laying where they left them. We read a book and they watched Sponge Bob even though I HATE Sponge Bob. They got to do that because that is how I roll with the kids. I am the "fun" adult in their life.

But that wasnt the best thing. The best thing happened the next morning when I wasnt there. Amber told me that Owen came and go into bed with her and asked where his Daddy was. She told him. The next thing he said was "Where is Aunt Lynn?"

To me that was the best thing.

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Linda said...

Isn't it wonderful? To make the difference in the life of a child...

Gabe told Misty that his favorite day of the week is Sunday because he "goes to grandmas". I only hope that he keeps that feeling for about a bazillion more years!