Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Old Friend

My weekend was very cool. Not only did I get to babysit my beloved niece and nephew, I got to have lunch with an old friend that I have not seen in 5 years! I got to say, the past 3 months I have reconnected with more old friends than I can count and I am so very happy about that.

This recent reconnection is very special to me. Me and this chick were very close. We lived near each other and we hung out a lot. I have never met another girl that could eat as much watermelon as me. Seriously, I can eat a lot of watermelon in one sitting and she could too! That in itself is a reason for me to love her. You just dont meet that many people that think it is okay to eat half a watermelon at once. But it is. Really, totally okay. Make that a LARGE watermelon too, I dont want anyone thinking I'm a weenie when comes to eating.

I missed her a lot. But, like everyone else I loved, we lost touch because of my own decisions and self-destructive actions. Not only did I miss her emotionally, I missed her having a baby girl and I missed her getting married. HUGE events to miss in the life of someone you love. I cant get that back. But what I can do, is start over and build our relationship again. So, in the same manner as before, we went to lunch!

It was a great lunch. I met her husband and her daughter. They were both amazing! My friend looks as great as she always did and her laughter is still the same. We still have a lot of catching up to do but I look forward to it.

I probably wont get to babysit her little girl anytime soon though. That is because I told her I taught Kenzy to say "Dora the Whora is a freak in the sheets." I know--I'm a bad influence on the kids. Dont.start. It happened in the heat of the moment--okay?!?!?!

But T--I would like to say that if I was ever given the opportunity to babysit your little girl I would not teach her to say that. I also would not teach her that vagina, penis or breasts are the correct words for her body parts. Promise. I swear.

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