Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thanks A Lot Facebook!

It is one of those things you say you arent interested in. But then you start and you cant stop. Im talking about a game I started playing to pacify a friend of mine on FB. It is called Mafia Wars. I started playing and thought it was about the most lame thing a person could do. But I did it anyway. Now it has become a total obsession!

I wake up and it is the first thing I do. I play every waking moment I am not busy. Granted, that isnt a lot, but I put off badly needed house cleaning for this game! I have also joined a discussion board called "Fans of Mafia Wars" and the benefit is I get all these invites to join people's Mafia. Which, in turn, grows my Mafia. It is ridiculous! I spend my days trying to become a stronger, richer mob boss.

I cant just play like a normal person. I need help.

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