Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool Fotos is where it is at. This past week Amanda sent me some more--this time from Korea. Above and some of her friends - the view is from one of the temples they visited while in port. A truly beautiful view.
They do a lot of praying in Korea. The elephant gets prayed to daily so Amanda had a foto of herself taken with elephant statues. I dont think this was about praying for her, I think it was more about Alabama Football! Roll Tide! (had to get my plug in! ) They are really cool statues.

The food was less than appetizing - especially for Amanda. She is an extremely picky eater and has been since she was born. I worried a little about what she would eat while in Hong Kong but luckily they do have American restaurants there. They did get adventurous and went to a buffet. The food was interesting to say the least. Below is baby octopus on the grill. Amanda shared with me that while it was cooking it's little brains exploded out of it's head. She didnt eat it. I dont think I would have either!

So there you have my contribution to Friday Foto Finish Fiesta! I really enjoy sharing my favorite fotos with everybody. If you would like to share yours and play along go here and follow the directions! While your there, visit some of the other bloggers and see what they have to offer!


Hide.. Literally! said...

The food is diet worthy.. I've also heard that value meal at McDonald's in other countries can cost about $10. Crazy! Have a great weekend beautiful!!

Linda said...

Those are great photos,Lynn. Well, with the exception of the OCTOPUS!!! I cannot imagine watching that cook, let alone eat it!!!