Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Escape Artist

It's Lucky. She has gotten out of the fence twice in the last two weeks This means she is going to have to go back on a chain. She did it again today. I put her outside and watched her for 30 minutes to see where she would go to get out. Nothing happened. So I went inside and 5 minutes later she was out. I chased her for awhile and then just went back home. I was hoping she would just come back and she did. I went outside to the backyard to walk the fence line and try to see if I could tell where her escape route was. There she was. Back INSIDE the fence as if she never left.

Me: Lucky, how did you get out?

Lucky: Smiling and tongue hanging out from exertion.

Me: Really Lucky, how? Where?

Lucky: Still smiling and acting all superior.

Me: You need to tell me Lucky. WHERE ARE YOU GETTING OUT?!!

Lucky: I'll never tell.

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