Monday, March 9, 2009


Sunday me and Amber went to the Harpersville Flea Market. It is a huge deal down here in Shelby County. People come from far and wide. I dont really know why. I never find anything I want there. But they are open every weekend so it must be profitable or it wouldnt be there. Unless there is just nothing else for these people to do but come set up a booth and sit and around and talk about people.

I took this picture of Amber on the way. She is looking so cute.

This is the entrance to the Flea Market -

Like I said, people come from far and wide. This gentlemen was most happy to have his photo made. He just let his wife go inside and shop by herself. He wanted to sit in the car and listen to some Hank.

There are all kinds of things to buy. This booth struck my eye. Plastic funeral flowers - they last a long time and they are appropriately tacky.

This is a view of a long line of booths.

I quit taking pictures after this. I could have taken a lot more but I think I started looking like a tourist. Harpersville may be a little raw in the butt about tourists right now. I dont know if it made national news but it certainly made local news when this guy was flying over and parachuted out of his plane into Harpersville. He let his plane just keep going on auto pilot until it crashed in Florida. He had put out a distress call just before he jumped. He was faking his death. He stayed over night at The Harperville Motel which is totally a hotel like you would see in a horror flick. You know, one of those cheap roadside hotels where some of its neon lights are burned out. Anyway, it brought a little unwanted attention on Harpersville and I was thinking maybe they dont like tourist anymore. So we left.

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